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2013-09-03 21:54

NBA 2013-2014

Snälla snälla säg att det här forumet inte är så dött. Jag behöver folk som fattar vad jag snackar om, haha! Vad jag behöver mest är nåt å snacka om under offseason.....

Såå, whoaiter.. va säger ni? va händer den här säsongen? Heat som vanligt eller kommer det faktiskt hända nåt intressant iår? Vilka får sistaspoten i East? Ska Doc Rivers faktiskt kunna ta Clippers nånstans? Va händer nästa draft? Kommer Wiggins busta?


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2013-09-03 22:44
I follow the League but Swedish aint my forte. Ur call bruh...
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2013-09-04 13:18
Som 7 åring fick jag en Miami Heat Jersey av farsans polare, som konstigt nog var från DC :/ Sen dess har jag varit ett fan, men sen LeBron draften så har jag fan mig tappat smak för Heat haha.

Kändes roligare att heja på de när de var underdogs haha
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2013-09-04 13:51
English works too! Do u atleast know some swedish or do i have to translate what i wrote? :P

Ja, BC.. förlåt, men precis efter Lakers så e Heat det äckligaste laget.. NBAs svar på Real, typ.. Följer du ligan nånting?
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I got more heads in the hood than pagan rituals

2013-09-07 15:04
Aaight... I think I followed what u wrote.

I think it will a very disappointing season coming up.
I am still trying to get over Pierce and KG leaving the Celtics. I mean, they are probably gonna retire soon so why not go out with a solid legacy in the same team that made you.

Clippers oh Clippers. I dont think Doc will do (or rather be able to do) much to help them. We might see less alley-oops but it will still probably keep being a 'video-game' team of more highlights in the Top 10s that wins. Oh well.

I am also concerned for Lakers and if Mr Black Mamba will return to anything close to his glory days. Honestly I dont think he will have another ring in his career.
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2013-09-08 12:34
Aaah, a fellow Celtics fan?
Honestly, was devastated when i got the news about KG and pierce. But ive kinda gotten over it. To be fair i dont think Cs wouldve gotten over .500 even with them in the team. Its a pretty awful team as it is right now, and its not like those two are in their prime.
Only thing i cant get over is Wallaces contract. We're paying a mediocre guy 10.1 mill next year, and we've got two more, probably disappointing, years with him after that. I like Humphries, even though he doesnt seem to be Celtic material.. and if Brooks actually starts moving his feet on D, i'd like him as a spark off the bench. so basically, rationality > feelings. im not denying there will be man-tears when kg and pierce visit the garden though..

Dont think Ainge is done though, he will probably make a splash for a proper 5.. Atleast i hope he will, haha :)

Dont u think Doc will make DeAndre and Blake play WEELLLLL better on d? that could make the difference for them, i think.. And with cp3 under contract for the next 5 years, anything could happen free agent- and tradewise.. im rooting for them, but thats just cus of my innate laker-hatred.
on that note, hope Kobe doesnt get back. feel sorry for Nash tho..
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I got more heads in the hood than pagan rituals

2013-09-08 12:37
Btw, i like what Detroit has done. Wonder what it means for Jerebko tho..
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I got more heads in the hood than pagan rituals

2013-09-10 07:29
Celtics? Really? Ya guys are into Celtics of all teams there are haha?
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2013-09-10 11:32
17 banners dont lie. Greatest franchise of all time, händerna nere. :)
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I got more heads in the hood than pagan rituals

2013-09-11 08:25
Speak on it Rucser, The Celtics are what they are and theres no denying it.

But as they are now I have no hope for them until they bring in new talent or players start stepping up big time. The problem with the remaining roster is that there is no aggressive defense left and no one to spark it. We'll see what happens but I aint hoping for much.

DeAndre and Blake just strike me as the players who will have great problems internalizing defense instincts - too much showmanship and not enough basketball but who knows. Maybe the Doc got something up his sleeve. it would be interesting seeing the Clips go somehwere for real, instead of chocking when the playoffs are set in motion.

No hate for the Mamba but I think its been one for him. Its a damn shame, I was hoping to see a lakers - heat showdown before he inevitably retires, or even worse; falls off completely.

A great fan of Rose but disappointed at him being scared to come back with fear of getting injured again. 2 years ago they were reigniting the Bulls flame.

But who knows with Pierce and KG, maybe a move is just what they needed to put in their last 5 cents and go out in style. A possibility I'd say...
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2013-09-11 15:29
You're probably right about DeAndre. But i actually think Blake could become a proper star, not just the type of freak the developers of NBA Jam were thinking about when they made the game.
Keep in mind its only his, what, third season? He will definitely develop into something greater than what he is right now. Atleast i hope he will, i wouldn't want to see another Amare...

Btw, did Dwights move surprise you? Do u think he wouldve done the same thing if Kobe was healthy?
Rockets are a legitimate contender now, imo. Lin - Harden - Parsons - Asik - Howard. They could basically set up a 3-2 zone and just watch the other teams offense dwindle, haha

D-rose. Well. Cant say i like him much. Probably since ppl think he's better than Rondo. Which he probably is. Which gets on my nerves. haha.

I actually think Pierce will be back for a last season with the Cs. he's an UFA next season. offer him a veteran minimum and he'll probably take it....
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I got more heads in the hood than pagan rituals

2013-09-12 09:03
Celtics, yuck! I rather root on the Lakers than the Celtics.

Next thing you know ya guys are gonna claim that Bird is better than Jordan? :P

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2013-09-12 10:49
Bias fact:
Bird wouldve been Mr. Basketball instead of Jordan if he couldve made as athletic plays as MJ.
Check the highlights of both players careers. U will notice MJ made spectacular, athletic plays such as cradle dunks and last second hand changes mid-air :P. Basically whatever u think of when thinking about MJ.
Add the fact that MJ had people around him that knew how to make a legend. Flu game? My ass. Should be known as "the PR game".

Whereas if u watch Birds highlights, u will see nifty, intelligent plays. He wasnt a beast athletically, he was just great at doing whatever was needed to win.
Throw a 360 windmill into that pot, and u have a player that wouldve exceeded MJs fame.

Just my two cents. U can start laughing now. :)
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I got more heads in the hood than pagan rituals

2013-09-17 20:19
I think Dwight will maybe get a ring in his late late years when he grows up and stops acting like a kid. I mean he basically jumps teams every season. If he stayed with Lakers, even if Kobe did not get healthy then he would be the franchise player and they could in time build the team around him _ that would have been a better move I think.

I am not expecting anything from Rockets to be honest. Lin is an on-and-off player and Harden goes hard but somehow I dont see it happening. I see Howard having a worse season than he did in Lakers actually.

D.Rose vs Rondo.
I think the difference between these 2 is not as much as one would think.
Rose is athletic as hell and he blast through defences and all that so wins that battle.
On the other hand, Rondo has an extremely high basketball IQ and experience under his belt so he makes smarter plays. If he upped his jumper game them damn - the possibilities. But if he doesnt make a smart move then his talent will wither as the C's fade into NBA obscurity for the next seasons.

If Pierce has a great year THEN returns to the C's then I'd respect that. But if he returns after a lame ass year with the Nets then I think that would tarnish his image as The Truth. Time will tell.

MJ vs Bird.
They were both great players in their own rights. However, we like the story that comes along with the game - it adds flare to the whole thing.
While I dont agree with the opinion, I understand the argument.
They played in different decades against diffent opponents.
Fact: Bird WAS a better shooter and rebounder
MJ was a better SCORER and he went super saian during playoffs ALL THE TIME.
Depending on where u stand u could make ur case for either but at the end of the day its like comparing to different types of greatness. Futile.
MJ was a beast though. Bias? Maybe. Who cares.
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2013-09-20 11:46
Dwight was the franchise player in Orlando. didnt help him amount to much. ECF win and an asswhopping in the finals. wouldve been the same thing in LA, i think.
really cant see him having a worse season tho. pick and roll with players that havent passed their prime by 10 years (uhuumm, nash) will do him good i think.
oh well..

im not sure bout Rondo man. Better shooting = defenders playing closer. You could argue that if defenders actually played some defense on him, he would have a harder time getting his assists.
On the other hand, if u compare him to the only other player he can be compared to, Stockton, well..the difference is that Stockton took more shots, and made more of them. Stockton made about 20% more of his free throws aswell (which is sick), and got to the line more often, while getting as much assists or more than Rondo.
so i guess i just fucked my own argument up, haha.
but to be fair, Stockton was healthy like 100% of the time. In 7 seasons, Rondo has missed an average of 15 regular season games.
By the way, Rose isnt a great shooter either.. fuck, i need to reconsider Rondo's worth man..

Cant wait for this season. Will be awesome for the game, less awesome for Celtics. Danny has to make changes..

Btw, did u see the ranking of 500 nba players?
14 current or ex-Celtics in the bottom 100.
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2013-09-27 16:41
There u go man. Rondo is slept-on and I still dont know why. Perhaps because he is in one of the most hated NBA teams and that The C's live off experience and not so much hype i.e they are not exactly the most talked about players in the league and dont generate so much media spur like the others (Miami, Thunder, Clips etc.

I am actually looking forward to the Pacers performance this season. I really enjoyed watching them do battle with the Heat. Them young boys really put up a performance and I was hoping they would knowck Miami on the conference finals. Oh well, next time maybe.

What really annoys me about the league now is that there are really not many legitimate contenders to the trophy any more. It kinda feels like its on some 'usual suspects' kind of drill - and it bored the shit outta me.

I wanna see upsets and more upsets, but I just keep getting upset. (Oooh I felt Joe Buddenish on that line).
I wanna see Z-Bo step up, Carmelo start playing some D, Steph Curry and the Warriors - SOMETHING NEW.

And I pray to God they cancel the slam-dunk competition untill they come up with more creative shit. Here's my idea - get them guys from the street dunk or and 1 or them fearless dunkers and put em each represent a team in the NBA and put up some cash for grabs. I guarantee we will see some real dunks and not just some half-assed windmills from cats that are too scared to get injured coz of their career. Just saying...
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2013-11-01 00:41
Cok keff tråd Ahm