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Club Ontop @ Club Latino ( Dj BeshOne & Dj Jesaja)

Klubb & Konserter - Skåne


2009-04-20 22:43

Club Ontop @ Club Latino ( Dj BeshOne & Dj Jesaja)

Party till the sun comes up and a bit more, Gab&Tk present you OnTop!! The big Party till Afterparty: We got that good shit.- the tightest Hiphop-Funk-Soul- House however u like it, preferably OnTop!!!

Gab&Tk bring you some of Malmö city's best Djs BeshOne and Dj Jesaja to spin for the masses on this memorable night at the newly opened and Freshest joint in town Club Latino (Industrigatan 4) Malmö.

Doors open at Midnight and close when the sun comes up, :Damage: - 60kr

With Dj BeshOne and Dj Jesaja the music and the atmosphere is guaranteed to make u break a sweat. Bring you and yours and i'll bring me and mine!!!

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The more you stay the same, the more they seem to change.
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