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50 hertz nyårssingel. gratis mp3or

Övrig musik - Elektroniskt


2004-09-27 04:19

50 hertz nyårssingel. gratis mp3or

Yes, the rumors are true! In an old can of jam onions, thrown away in Little Tango's basement, an old master tape has been found. This tape contains the 80's disco hit "Happy New Year! It's 1984!".

The mytomspunnen track was originally meant to be performed at a New Year´s Eve party that Tango threw in 1983. However, the 50 Hertz crew couldn't stop making funkslingor, so as time went by, and Mertes was served, everybody got snordrunk. The next day they woke up and didn't remember anything.

The master tape was never found, and the song has become legendary. Some people has claimed "asså, ja lovar grabbar, ja har hört den", some has accused the whole story of being fabricated by 50 Hertz pr-company Wennerström & Banke.

Until now.

Ladies and äntligen, today we're very proud to present the "Happy new year! It's 1984!"-single for download here at www.50hertz.tk. This is musical history. Enjoy!

Vad väntar ni på då gå in på www.50hertz.tk och ladda skiten.