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Whitney & D'Angelo...

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2006-09-10 21:39

Whitney & D'Angelo...

Souljoint.com has recently come out with an article on Whitney Houston and a brief on our man D'Angelo. The article goes:

Whitney Houston is going back to the studio to record a major comeback album, according to J Records founder Clive Davis. Davis says that the two have been working together for a while now and have already picked out six songs for Houston to record.

Content-wise, the new music "won’t be pushing the envelope musically," he says. The singer will apparenly refrain from doing any writing or production work on the new project to instead concentrate on her powerhouse vocals.

"Whitney doesn't write," Davis told MTV. "It's a gift — you either got it or you don't. I've seen more artists lose a career over trying to do that. Ella Fitzgerald didn't write. Lena Horne didn't write. Whitney is Whitney, and there ain't nobody like her. It'll be Whitney. It won't be somebody reaching for a current trend, that's for sure."

D’Angelo is reportedly back on track, health-wise and music-wise. After fighting a substance abuse problem in an Antigua rehabilitation facility, the soulful singer is back in the lab, laying down tracks for a new album, according to AOL’s BV Entertainment Newswire.

The Soul singer was also spotted in New York recently while meeting with Virgin Records urban music president Jermaine Dupri, music exec Gary Harris (who worked with D’Angelo on his hit "Brown Sugar"), and music industry manager Irving Azoff. No date was confirmed as of press time.
- SoulJoint Editors - Photo Credits: J Records

So is D'Angelo just starting all over again for another album? What about the tracks that he already recorded?

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