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[Audio] phatkidz - evil lurks

Svensk Hiphop - Audio & Video


2012-02-26 16:55

[Audio] phatkidz - evil lurks


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Beat produced by; Fat Mechanic
Lyrics written by; Tyler & Colin
Mix/Master; Tyler
Cover made by; Pluralis

i guess nuthin can help me -
im helpless and something about me is ending
i chase dreams as if running was healthy
not runnin myself - no pun intended

hmm - ive got hundreds of endless
hours spent on fallin in love with a frenzy
of thoughts reconnecting with parts ive been missing
and fate told me that life itself is against me

- so im condemned in my pride
disassemblin my life with my sensitive side
beggin for my heart&soul to remember the vibe
and clear mental obstacles before lettin me die

yea - i could save today
save my face if id known what to say today
id break free from my chains but they're way too great
so imma stay the same inside my aimless fate
no change, no flaws - nun to take away
---- 'cept for the hate and shame

you dont know what i have been through
the evil inside me, muthafucka try me
i said my evil lurks
tellem what evil lurks
ill tell you the tale of the lie that im in
despite of my will, ill keep living inside of my skin
- id tell you bout the problems i aint trying to fix
id tell you bout the pure heart that has died in the mix
is silence a bliss - denying the fire im trying to kill
instead of letting it burn when im lied to again

- time to be real - to my own soul
don't go buying this shit - cause i, got told
pff - to listen is not a part of what im doing
so ill morph into the only fucking source of my conclusions
- wishing that i wasn't all alone
wishing somebody had known real before they saw it go - cold

numb - im scared of dying alone
inside of my head - the sound of my ghosts
im striving to find silence of mind - rhyme from the soul
while hiding behind time and it flies by me im close
to not finding myself - and ive grown so - tired
cause people go and i dont know - why

you dont know what i have been through
the evil inside me, muthafucka try me
i said my evil lurks
tellem what evil lurks
im sinkin slow in what i think i know
look at me - if lie i die
i dunno but im cold when im lettin go
look into me - what u find is my mind
ya - i bury my head in my work for better or worse
awakening whats left in my world

ima bit insane when my brain slumbers
i stay grey and play games let the haters wonder
im heartless - theres so much rain and fake thunder
that im only left with darkness ta bury my days under
if you fuckers gotta debate sumthin
debate how yall can save me when pain hungers

cause its eatin me - eatin me alive
i can hear the sound from my demons screamin deep inside
the root to my need is deeper than my mind
and im sleepin on my heart altho its seein through my pride
but i believe in you and I
thats why i pencil down my rhymes