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Phonte's tankar om Mobb Deep's Blood Money

Utländsk Hiphop - Allmänt


2006-05-02 13:56

Phonte's tankar om Mobb Deep's Blood Money

"6 pages in that other post and nobody's figured it out yet huh? Lemme break it down....

*sighs REAL deep*

Mobb Deep is gone. Club Mobb is what you have now. And you can either take it or leave it.

To me the last classic, dark, moody, make-me-wanna-open-fire-on-a-group-of-in nocent-schoolchildren Mobb Deep single was "Quiet Storm." Hav and P were sharp as ever on the boards and on the mic respectively......and then.......

Enter Hov.

I'm sorry.....but I've never seen ANY emcee past or present be as VISIBLY affected by a dis as Prodigy was by that Summer Jam screen. All of a sudden, the same emcee who gave us countless quotables for 3 albums sounded as flustered and unfocused as ever. Hell, most of the time he wasn't even RHYMING..... Thus, we saw the beginnings of what I call "Club Mobb," a group that had had their street cred tested so many times (see: unfavorable incidents with TruLife and Keith Murray), that they figured 'fuck it.....let's take niggas to the club' and the results ranged from dope ("Burn"), to dope-once-it-grows-on-you ("Got It Twisted"), to horrid ("Hey Luv" feat. 112).

So what exactly happened?

Most people don't realize that the magic of Prodigy (and Mobb for that matter), lied in Prodigy's first bars. Literally......Prodigy has some of the most classic and memorable first bars in hip hop history, and that made for their best singles. Don't believe me?

"I got 'chu stuck off the realness....." -Shook Ones

"The saga begins.....we go to war/ I draw first blood be the first to set it off...." -Hell On Earth

"I put my lifetime in between the paper lines...." -Quiet Storm

"I break bread, r i b s, hunnid dolla bills...." -Keep It Thoro

Now as you listen to "Blood Money" try to find that bar. Dig through that album and search for that one line.....that ONE bar from Prodigy that made you and your mans rap along in unison like "I used to be in love with this bitch named E&J/ don't fuck with her no more now I fuck with Tanqueray" from "Drink Away The Pain."

You can't find it, 'cause its not there.

For better or worse depending on how you look at it, Havoc is now the best MC in Club Mobb. I take my hat off to him. Dude sounds hungrier than ever. And although P still has his moments (his verse on "Capital P, Capital H" is dope), for most of the album he's the same rambling, non-rhyming, unfocused guy that he's been for the past few years. He really sounds clinically depressed. It's sad.

So aside from its obvious artistic shortcomings, what does G-Unit have to do with people's hate for "Blood Money?"


Like I told y'all so many times, even in regards to my OWN career.....in this game, PERCEPTION is reality.

And if people's general perception is that you cashed in 13 years of hard-earned respect for a Porsche...

AND you're rollin with the industry's hot new franchise boy (who DISSED you a year earlier, mind you)......

AND gave him total control of your album...

AND engaged in blatant cock-sniggling in interviews and on records by referring to him as Curtis Billion Dollar Budget Jackson.......

AND the only features on the record are G-Unit (no Noyd or any other QB niggas).......

Then what is the general consensus?

"Maaaaaan, them Mobb Deep niggas sold the fuck out," that's what."