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Offbeat Collective- 1935- Straight Storytelling

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2004-12-22 14:10

Offbeat Collective- 1935- Straight Storytelling


Jag tror att ni hör vad den handlar om, men för säkerhets skull lägger jag upp texten på den här.


They met late spring in 1935,
started goin out and then after a while
they decided to get married in the middle of the war,
figured love as strong as theirs was safe from all the gore
U gotta give them right times mightve been hard,
but they found the strength to fight, I guess they saw the light,
at the end of the tunnel, then in 1945
when the war was done with, they thought lets really start our lives
brought a child to this world, and then two more,
it was still spring in Europe, didnt know about a fall
got a TV, a car, their food was kept cold
things their parents never had, they thought "lets hope we die old
In the 60's and 70's they became grandparents
got married again to honor God and their parents
who all passed away within the same year
hard labour all their lives finally drew death near
They still loved eachother though, 40 years later
and new members of their family kept them sharp with debating
see around this time, things got political
Baader-Meinhof ran loose and Vietnam was critical
The Cold War that followed didnt bother them much
They felt righeous folks is righteous, them or us
and wether rubels or dollars u still work your bucks
wether white or blue collar if u got heart u one of us
In the 80's they both felt a lot less at home
See greed was one thing they never condoned
Stockmarkets and kids in brand new cars
They had worked all their lives and got nothing for their scars
Didnt let it get them down though, for their grandchilderns sake
Their grandson was a millionaire in the making
He invested in guns alcohol and famine
None of this of course, he told his family
He always was the one with expensive gifts
He had a daughter too, with cutmarks round her wrists
She finally was successful in 1989
Her daddy joined later in 1995
Something bout the books that didnt add up
So their grandson was a crook and a crook without guts
The 90's u might call a rude awakening
All across the country we treated old like we hated them
They both over 80, he had a stroke
She took care of him with affection but they both still broke
None of their kids seemed to have the time
But she still tried to call, maybe something's wrong with the lines?
Nah wrong with their lives, her daughters on medication
Worked all her life at a hospital with dedication
She finally cracked, noone asked how she was though
just "hope u can come back", she didnt, she wouldnt
she never really found herself again, she couldnt
and her moms still hoped to get an answer, she wouldnt...

Offbeat Collective - din present 2005.