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SacredTPS vs Spellen english

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2006-06-12 15:29

SacredTPS vs Spellen english


time to battle spellen, little boy from Scania
you're going to hell'n i'll provide you with catatonia
you really haven't got a good command of english
and your rhymes ain't mature at all, just amateurish
your page proclaims a single line:"i'll kick your arse"
but seriously now, who's kicking the fattest bars?
i really think it's time for you do some homework
instead of fooling around like johnny bravo at cartoon-network


Whats your fucking problem with peoples living in scania? //
When you try to sing it sounds like some shitty mix from romania. //
You'll take me to hell? I'll come back with a chainsaw. //
Your 8 bars are bullshit, and my words are the real law. //
Cartoon-Network what the fuck is that? //
You probably watch it everyday your motherfucking twat. //
And whats the problem with your bars, 90% of them are Crap.//
Folow my advice and get to know rythm before you rap. //

och Scania är det engelska ordet från Skåne, så ingen