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Matteh vs. Ghetto Niggahz

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2006-11-08 22:35

Matteh vs. Ghetto Niggahz


Now i´m coming for you s-s-s-stuttering Joe
Can´t be easy to be a bitch ass nigga like you
You always say you hate gays and faggots
But when i see your tan lines i see that your word doesn´t mean more than a couple of maggots
Your biggest dream has always been becoming a hardcore niggah, Black as the color of your thong
But then you realize that the only things that black is the color of your tongue
So now get the fuck out of my way
Your rhymes is so bad that you could have bought better from ebay



Calling me Joe? My name is Jamahl
When im swinging im doing the cannon ball.
Your rhymes are a fucking disgrace,
when you're sleeping im putting my penis close to your face.
The  way that you love your boyfriend Brian that's a beautiful thing,
but he wont be so happy when i cut off your forskin.
Chillin with my homies and niggahs all we do is talk shit about you,
but i got no money so you cant sue.

There's only two types of people in the world, black people, niggaz and monkeys.

-Martin Luther King