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Supreme_Allah vs StrapStar 10 bars Engelska

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2007-02-09 18:26

Supreme_Allah vs StrapStar 10 bars Engelska

Supreme Allah

This'a verbal massacre straight from the streets
Heathens better run here comes the Killah Caliph
Imma rumble trough your hood like a mongolian warlord
Choping heads of pagans with a shiny broadsword
Your lines are as real as Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf
You never dealed anything, you've never seen a gat
The only piece of tail you've got was from your sister
Done fuckin' less blow than a christian minister
Only gun you ever fired was the one in your pants
Oh, and your sister told me next to mine it aint got a chance


If thats a verbal massacre, then Phil collins is genocide

And fuck your koran i got it in two-ply, get ready to die

Straight from the streets? Sandmonkey go back to dubai

Bitch please, you got stains of different dna on youre sheets

The only chance of your shit hitting the streets

Is when we meet, and i drop you from 300 feet

You wannabe im doing what u cant, im not trying to be g

You better drop that Allah shit if u wanna beat me

Strap Star, thugged out with a foul mouth

Im gonna make you meet your maker down south

Vote först till 5 !

Dont Fuck with the Juicemen!