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ghetto_niggaz vs Hitman_ 12bars engelska

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2007-02-28 10:56

ghetto_niggaz vs Hitman_ 12bars engelska


I hope ya hungry cause here comes beef

You a fat motherfucker but still cant eat

Cause you know my rhymes will eat your bars

For me, the limit is the stars

im so tight and you so not

Say one word and you've get shot

And dont come and say that im no thug

Cause then I will step on you like a fucking rug

I spit my shit real tight and you know that son

Want a drink? You can get my cum

Fantastic, yeah thats my rap tactics 

you better go home and do some practice


Hitman, got a big hand
And i slap you in the pan (panna)
Fuck you up with a frying pan
Chop your hand off, like in peterpan
Im gonna send you to neverland
In michael jacksons ranch
And he will insert his hand
Analy in your anus, damn
Im like sandman, super bad
When i saw your beef i was very mad
Cuz hate that shit lad, it makes me sad (len)
So go hide like bin lad (en)

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There's only two types of people in the world, black people, niggaz and monkeys.

-Martin Luther King