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TNS vs Little Wing (8 bars english)

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2007-04-12 23:27

TNS vs Little Wing (8 bars english)


you accepted my challange so now it´s time for some serious damage
your rap is even under the average and mine is crazy like a savage
yo my rap is hot like a turkish bath its like that, so don´t be silly
and say some fuckin´crap cuz we know its a fact that Im hot as chilly
dont tryna cut a dash miss slut of the class, cuz that is just messed up
you know Im the best but, you deny it even though you are impressed slut
if you deny the obvious Im gonna shred your body like a fuckin´ hound dog
dont diss me give me cred instead, cuz Im good and thats something Im proud of

Lil' Wing

Man I got a standing challenge for anyone who can spell Slick Slack
Just write me som lines and in a sec my gun's gonna go Click Clack
Words as bullets, piercing your brain, wait, that line's played try my real ones instead
you stand there in your shit looking like a swiss cheese
cause I drop more bombs than the yankees on the vietnameese
you say I'm the slut of the class, sure I get all the women
but YOU better cut the dash or I'll send you to oblivian
yeah, run for it faggot, run like the fucking cunt you are
cause Little Wing's gonna get you, and he's gonna get you hard

rösta ärligt, inget kompisskit å sånt (dock inget fittigt om att ingen på ens lista får rösta, motivera bara).

först till 7, över

Ovanstående inlägg skall icke förknippas med undertecknads åsikter, undertecknad tar inget ansvar för material som kan anses stötande av majoritets eller minoritetsgrupper...