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ghetto_niggaz vs bazookah(gay)joe english

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2007-05-07 13:03

ghetto_niggaz vs bazookah(gay)joe english


First off, I ain´t tryina say that you´re soft.
But you tried to raw dick the mic, and broke ya own damn tip off!
Maan what a rip off.
Goin against me is crazy, like bonin a sick chick,
and then havin the rubber slip off..

Ayo mark! My mic is sharp,
I´ll pass it if ya wanna.
But I feel I needs to tell ya,
yo, you gonna cut ya lips off!
Frankly I´m off the chains,
and dirty rotten, rockin chains,
that I´ve gotten from ill gotten gains.
So dope I push the envelope
 from here to London Stains.
An´ I remains hard to the core,
while, ya shit´s gelatinous.
And I´mma call em as I see em, n´ most headz be backin this;
Fuck a dope-a-rope, what I wrote,
is tightrope, it ain´t no slackin this!
You didn´t catch it the first time??
Go back and peep my FIRST line.
Yo son! You soft, and ya flava´s off.
You got about as much mc skill down,
as could be found in a table cloth!!
Course I came with my A-game,
never brought nuttin lesser.
And I´mma smoke ya like a fiend, cuz you "crack" under pressure!!


Aight bazooka, post whenever ure ready punk

There's only two types of people in the world, black people, niggaz and monkeys.

-Martin Luther King