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TNS vs. Leonelli (8 bars ENG)

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2007-06-04 12:17

TNS vs. Leonelli (8 bars ENG)


ey yo Jon the third, TNS is here so you betta' run you nerd

my shit is the bomb, blao, no that wasn't my gun you heard

you fuckin' envy me, you've got all my songs in your mp3

you are twentythree, I'm eighteen but I'm gon' spank this G

your shit makes me vomit, you love me and my dick you are on it

naaaah man, you are an excellent rapper, bitch I was ironic

you are the worst so rehearse and after that you can try again

you know my words is killin', and now you gonna' die my friend


How can you diss me - personality wise
When you don´t now me - I ain´t fuckin´ with guys
Like you - with bombs wacker than wack
put up a war - bringin´ your own corpsack?
it sounds insaine - there´ll be nothin left to see
I´m a hiroshima reign - so you better guard your frame hi hi
when you´r so lame - why don´t you imitate saddam hussain
copyin´your name - to bring more than one head to this game

Inte allt för seriöst av någon men rösta på - först till 7 - aiit!

- "breaka... är de när man är ute och slåss med polisen?
du är väl inte ute och slåss eller...."