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Why Do People Gender Segregate In Breaking And Hip Hop Culture?

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2008-12-08 13:23

Why Do People Gender Segregate In Breaking And Hip Hop Culture?

The 3Rd.Question In The Trilogy Of The: Why Do/Does Seriez...

This time the question is something that i´ve been wondering since i started Breaking. Why do B-Girlz get Propz without doin´ anything? Many times when your in a Circle/Cypher and a B-Girl just starts going in,everybody starts cheering. Why? I can understand it if you know that the B-Girl in question is dope and she got Skillz. But people even cheer when the B-Girl is Wack and have no Skillz or Flava what so ever? For me Hip Hop Culture is without gender and all about Skillz and Flava. If your dope you get Propz and if your Wack you get nothing.

This takes me to question of B-Girl Competetions which i don´t feel is the way to go. I can understand that they in some cases can help raise the Skill level and such. But i still think that Breakerz Are Breakerz and it´s all about Skillz and Flava so why don´t B-Girlz Compete on the same terms as B-Boyz?
(I´m not saying that there´s no one that do,because there is. Those who know me knows that i consider many of the B-Girlz out there better than the B-boyz.)
Another thing is that i hear alot of females in Hip Hop Culture talking about wanting equality but then 30Min.later you see them entering "The B-Girl Competetion" maybe instead they should complain about the category called "B-Girl Competetion"?

Okej back to the beginning of the thread.
I don´t give Propz if i feel that the shit someone did was Wack! I learned that way.
I don´t believe that lies about how someone did will "Help" them get better.
(Some facts: Men have their weight placed around the shoulders and upperbody.that gives an advantage strength wise and gravity wise./Women have their weight placed around the ass and lowerbody. That makes many things harder to do and so on. But women can train their upperbody and strength.)
So with this said.. Everything is about training and dedication. Do the work and then there´s BASICALLY no diffrence.

I would like to get some thoughts on this from people in here?


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