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UPDATE INFO : T-K & Parkes in USA release // 2 vs 2 jam - 26&27 march (Oslo)

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2010-03-09 22:31

UPDATE INFO : T-K & Parkes in USA release // 2 vs 2 jam - 26&27 march (Oslo)

faens svensker forstår inte norska så jag måsta skrive engelska... jævla norbaggar


The release party is going down at "SJOKOLADEFABRIKKEN" Saturday 27th of march!

check www.inusa.weebly.com for directions! this night is gonna be 18 id !

the dvd ( 1 hour and 10 min of raw shit ) is gonna be sold at the release for 100 kr . if you buy it after it will cost 200 kr...

we need all the heads that are comin to sign up for the guestlist on the party,
just send me a message on whoa or [email protected] or facebook - torb brunvand


the bboy jam on friday 26th of march:

location : schous kultursenter check www.inusa.weebly.com for directions

2 vs 2 chyper battles !! hardcore shiet. jam from 7 pm - 11 pm

even though half of sweden is living and workin in oslo some of you might have problems finding a place to crash, just contact me and i will try to fix it or check:


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