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9 to 5 and 5 to 9

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2005-11-20 01:02

9 to 5 and 5 to 9

Planerad som audio, inspelad tidigare med Adubh och jag vet inte vad som hände med den versionen men här är den i ngt omskriven version:

i'm always writing, flowing, rhyming,
climbing while you children whine
i stay developing from nine to five and five to nine
keep the flow trimming tight upon the riddim
you fronting on my criticism kid?

you'll gain the wisdom
as you try to distinguish
all my ethics and my fittings
you can't figure this emcee but picture him
as an indie force to reckon with
drive the crowd insane when i step on this
have a mad time of fun while i record and legislate
the new standards of emceeing for kids to break
i situate my main base,
shaolinkay to babylund
and make sure suckers understand the name
RDS and META-4 from ninetyeight
we bust ya door in!
make it raw or it won't flip
this is the stylish shit, the wilding shit
the type that you can't conquer shit
you lost your tounge upon the beat
while i'm still bombing this
the smoking hot-boxing shit
delete your props before your turn
and if you aint hot enough you'll just get burned

illest clique of people like us got you bummed out
we on our own thing like stacs of stam put eurocrunk out

sever levels of lower consciousness to unify my purest thoughts
refine my art to straight chopping off your dome, fuck a top!
it's just to open up your mind
cuz your cup is full, clown
and you're spilling misconceptions all around
pray to buddha, blazing buddha,
god-self the purest life, META-4, the crowned ruler
of dust and wind,
flow like water,
hitting you from some distance like a mortar,
like CLUNK --- fwhiiiiiiiiiiiii - BLAOW!

META*4 of RawDeluxeShit Crew