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Writers block signin off...

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2008-06-28 22:17

Writers block signin off...

I'm hungry for props, not from the munchies I've got
nah fucka I come for ya spot I'm the one on the top
You frontin like ya sumthin ya not, ya dummies should stop
cause just like yall rappers, the gun'll go pop
Go back and punch in the clock, put ya lunch in a box
cause Dust is the only one who's runnin these blocks!
Suck on my cock, matter of fact suck on this Glock
put ya hands in the air give me the watch and your gwap
You want me to.. cut you some slack and give you a break
but I'd rather.. bust me a cap and piss in your face
I think of a line that is dope then I write it on whoa
next week I here it comin out ya mic at your show
You biting my flow but your not tighter than holmz
you can steal my words but can't recycle my glow
I'm rockin the scene, my speech polish the beat
like havin a leg amputated I demolish defeat
You accomplish the least, your not in my league
ain't no muhfucka listen to the nonsense you speak
The jungle is deep, ready for rumble and beef
I pack a gun in my jeep under the seat, whut?
You frontin on me but y'all rappers shook
when I hand you a black-eye like your Captain Hook
A new dawn, girls loose they bras, booty calls
while the only pussy you get is from booty calls
Ga'head.. bust a nut.. and then bust another
cause only twat you've been in.. was your mothers
The word on the streets is I'm ruthless sick
cause I'm "Disturbin the Peace" like I'm Ludacris
I'm.. smokin on shrooms with sum hoes in my room
and when you come to the party I lower the boom
Everybody know that I'm controllin the power
You better... go in the shower, throw in towel
I'm way sicker... compared to newbies
I'm the illest fuck what you heard like Scary Movie