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Pigeon - Our Zeitgeist

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2009-10-26 09:25

Pigeon - Our Zeitgeist

What up?

Längesen jag hängde eller postade något i det här forumet, men skrev lite igår som jag tyckte kunde vara värt att slänga upp...

Designed to tip the balance
by these little faggots that sit in mansions
just busy cashin in on your silly habits
a system created to further an interest
because to begin with every person is in debt
cursing your children, don't care who it's hurtin or killin
shit, notice knights only search for the princess?
I'm thinkin gulf of tonkin, took almost 4 million
a pure lie, sickening, nothing less than swindeling
now why the fuck would Iraq be any different?
oh yeah, an apparent attack is imminent
fuckin nazi tactics, set aside your intellect
you're just an instrument, march to target practice
cuz all they want is a larger profit margin
fuck an honest market when it's not rewarded
lies and corruption, crime and consumption
strive for abundance but designed to have nothing
and yet we try and fight violence and junkies
but don't realize that while it's funded it survives
and Bundy has described what influenced his offensive will
but "justice will preside, who cares why he was led to kill?"
so you are saying some of us are fueled by hatred?
that any skewed behaviour is of basic human nature?
that's a ridiculous "truth", let me give you some news
you don't do nothing you've not been conditioned to do
but still I'm not so bitter I'm trying to be optimistic
cuz they haven't locked me in yet which means they're far from finished
and we're all a victim of this monolithic awful system
and it won't stop until we ain't got a pot to piss in
A FREE society?! Based on success?
That's only bullshit to get you chained to desk
but hey, god will love you... if you behave like the rest
submit to the all mighty, and behave like the rest!
but if you don't, expect a fate cringed in agony
shackled in chains, you've disgraced christianity
"Do unto others as you would to yourself"
oh, except when the name of god is put to the test
fuck science, evolution, the bible has conclusions
"a single one creator, why are you trying to disprove it?"
the greatest story ever told, you should've known better
I should write "moron" up in bold letters - you don't get it
you get controlled with it, all these supposed visions
are no different than any old wisdom about rogue witches
but no, no, they are gods words
which create martyrs, war lords and monsters

Poverty... A child of the system

Charlie Manson... A child of the system

9/11... A child of the system

La Cosa Nostra... A child of the system

Cigarettes, drugs, Ill-willing thugs

All childs of the system

Why even try to be civil?