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Sideshow - the take over

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2010-03-03 05:07

Sideshow - the take over

Hiphop aint dead but i can feel the dying lust,
im here to take over so your time is up.
like nuns on a airplane i dont give a flying fuck,
i do this from the heart and keep my rhyming ruff,
show me the papper but i aint signing up for a few tiny shiney bucks,
idont mather if im hanging in the street,studio or stage - you come find me nuts,
labels these days take pussy rappers and combine these cunts,
cuz the money be talking me love you long time,like a long eyed chinese slut,

Every word i spit is like me final rhyme,
you get bitch slap in every tic tac by my divine line of time,
blow your back of like a dynomite in your spinal pipe,
my flow is so cold that my text playing is a breath taking kind of ice,


de här är en del av en text som kommer bli en låt som vi håller på med.så inget jävla baitande tack.

vad tycks bre?skriv gärna väl utförd kritik.det skulle uppskattas.