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Sinút - Madness

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2010-11-17 20:31

Sinút - Madness

Lost without my faith but I didn't have any, no
I rather be cold than be having an insanity so
Savage it's cracking me, I had to feed the manic seed inside of me
I'm vanishing... I'm trying to be pulled back, gravity won't
Standing alone with the cruel fact, crashing my own
I stood back, trashing my soul
Left with a shell that's tragically broke
It's shattered, I know, my footsteps randomly goes
Where it taking me, Imma cannon man ball
I'm more like trying to be riding my own
Destiny, I didn't have any idea what private control
meant to me but I managed to go mentally ill
Beneath the surface, me and my brain were enemies still
A friendship that meant to be real
I chose to put my conscience where it were supposed to be
But it were too close to me, an own defeat
Stuck on the way back on lonely feet
Even though I'm the same man it choked on me
Struggle to get loose from the train track, won't go free
It's more the adrenaline that stoke my means
But most it means that I'm to afraid to be changed
I hated to be chained, it made me to wait but I was
too crazy to say that I was ready to face my deepest dread
But I'm no longer ready to face the weakest threat which I'm
Just weaker than