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Pigeon - 16 rader om ingenting

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2012-09-23 21:26

Pigeon - 16 rader om ingenting

its like the rapscene is falling apart
Ima be awfully honest, you should follow along
kids are all but songwriters or lyricists
only hard wired to write part rhyming synonyms
never squeeze an eloquent thought to set up a bar
only cop sirens and irrelevant talk
now they hear me spit dope and eat it up
selling the song, next track claim to be dealing drugs
Im that sick, drive through points that stick like bayonets
have every wack kid scared stiff like ALS
amazingly, whenever my voice box is featured
you always face tension like botox procedures
and that's what I'm referring to
Im burdened servin work to every single person who
sling words with no style and no substance
cut off their chain of command like my rhymes are bolt cutters

Längesen jag skrev nåt nu men fick lite inspiration i veckan. Dealing drugs-raden känns ganska billig faktiskt, men va fan :)

Kul att vara tillbaka lite iallafall!


2012-09-23 22:43

2012-09-27 00:57

Kul att bli lite varm i kläderna igen