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Swedish-Mexican-American rapper [[Looking 4 a producer/DJ!]]

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2012-10-29 06:09

Swedish-Mexican-American rapper [[Looking 4 a producer/DJ!]]

Hello Whoa.nu!
My name is Saramia aka Slicer. Hope you are well!
I am are looking for a producer, someone diverse, and open to experiment and work with. I am half-swedish and I would like a Scandinavian touch to my music. What I want is a fresh global sound, hard like L.A. Mexi gangster style hip hop and Uk Grime. However alot of my lyrics are conscious Planet Loving, spiritual lyrics, so I want to mix up the hard gangster stuff with ethereal vocals and make some songs sound more experimental electro-popish/dubstep , imagine Bjork, Fever Ray and Grimes having a "crack party" in the studio with Snow tha Product, Iggy Azalea, Shystie and Azealia Banks...;)

That is my vibe if you feel like playin hit me up... Have a good one.... xoxoxo Slicer

O yeah, here is my email: sarami[email protected]

(Inlägget ändrat av saramia 2012-10-29 06:09:36)

2012-11-04 21:38
"imagine Bjork, Fever Ray and Grimes having a "crack party""
...sounds like one hell of a party. I've been doin some experimental things a while back. Dont know if it's what yer looking for but check it out.
also more Dre like evil stuff looking for angry vocals:
If yer interested; PM me. Where can I find your stuff?

2013-01-08 11:11
aloooot, of different type beats take a look