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Användaren är inte inloggad NORRLAND P18

Från Barcelona / Barcelona / Spain
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2013-11-10 15:40

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In fact the most intelligent of swedish inhabitants, also the most laid back and care free people in Sweden. "Norrlänningar" are very attractive on the job market in most of Sweden since they are known for their reliability and loyalty. Compared to the Southerners in the opposite part of the country (called "skåningar") norrlänning-ar (-s) are physically more attractive and mentally more stable and controlled, basically better people than anywhere else.Whenever it snows in the south of Sweden people go crazy and kill each other on the roads; writes about it in newspapers calling it a crisis even though it happens at least once a year. The norrlänning-s watch quietly knowing that tommorow there'll be 5 inches of fresh snow to get out of the way before going 50 miles to work in blazing cold and pitch dark. REAL PEOPLE!"