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Från Los Angeles / California / United States of America
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2010-07-14 22:57

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How can I have you and never really have you? At least not like I want to.
Your heart should not be shared, or should not be compared to any other love that's there, that's just not fair.
I'm down to loose you for a chance to gain you,
even if all i gain is the respect that you see in me.
I'm willing to set you free, all I offer you is honesty, I meen that honestly.

Too close to move on, but trust me I intend to,
though I'm so deep in you
I hope I'll find a way. I hope you be ok, holding on to just what i say while we're away.
It's hard to leave you, I feel like I breathe you.
I look to survive, holding on to my dreams at night
that's the only time I hold you tight, waking up just don't feel right...........