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Finns intresse för (OLD) oldschool ??

Klubb & Konserter - Göteborg


2008-03-11 17:52

Finns intresse för (OLD) oldschool ??

Det hade varit kul att få lite feedback ifall intresse finns, känns onödigt att dra hit artister om ingen vill gå.

Så, ordet är fritt ...

The GENERAL PRINCIPLE Tour features a group of New York

Legends who are a major influence in the growth of Hip Hop

culture. Their music was about having fun but also communicated the harsh struggles associated with urban life. Hip Hop is their life.

By listening to the guidance provided by their early predecessors, they absorbed the priceless knowledge, The result – Hip Hop legends that helped expand and spread the mantra of this incredible culture.

With this, we bring to you the GENERAL PRINCIPLE tour featuring Hip Hop pioneers

¤ Brand Nubian - Grand Puba, Sadat X and Lord Jamar

¤ Nice & Smooth

¤ Black Sheep

¤ Show Biz and AG, Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz

¤ The Legion - members, Cee-Low, Molecules and Chucky Smash

¤ Money Boss Players - members Eddie Cheeba, Trey Bag, Big Ah, C Dub, Lord Tariq

With multiple gold and platinum records under their belt, each artist on the tour is no stranger to the game, as they’ve helped shape it and have spread their message across the globe.

The purpose of this tour is to bring back the block party atmosphere and the positive emotion that Hip Hop emulates while educating the masses on the true essence of Hip Hop culture. Hip Hop is not dead, it is alive

and continues to be influential to many across the world. The

GENERAL PRINCIPLE Tour represents and communicates the authentic message of true Hip Hop culture.

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