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12/12: All out dubstep presents Plastician (Rinse FM, UK)

Klubb & Konserter - Göteborg


2009-12-08 23:46

12/12: All out dubstep presents Plastician (Rinse FM, UK)

Yes, tyvärr dags för sista festen på Röda sten på ett par månader. Men dont panic! Vi är tillbaka i vår för att lägga ett par feta kvällar igen! Mad thingz!

Vi kommer iaf avsluta med stil och drar hit erkända PLASTICIAN som är resident på rinse.fm och turnerat flitigt världen runt de senaste åren. Vi såg honom på WMC i miami där han gjorde ett av de grymmaste dubstep-seten vi sett och bestämde oss för att ta över honom till Sverige på riktigt! So dont miss my friends!



PLASTICIAN, rinse.fm (UK)

@ RÖDA STEN, 22.00-03.00, 100sek, 20years.





I am Plastician, a DJ / Producer playing on London's leadingRinse FM. It is a specialist music station on which I represent the best of both Grime and Dubstep once a week Mondays between the hours of 11pm and 1am (GMT).

I have been producing music for about 8 years now, and have had tracks featured on Ministry of Sound compilations as well as production for artists such as Lethal B (Against All Oddz), Skepta, JME, Wiley and many more having worked with most of the grime scene's big hitters.

I reside in Thornton Heath, near Croydon in South London. I am 24 years old and very outgoing - no doubt if you are from Croydon you'll have seen me out and about on many weekends!!

Outside of music I have a massive group of friends - we are known as "Wotless". This is due to the antics we get up to when we're together as a group. We're always entertaining everyone with jestful outbursts and moments of sheer stupidity - we stand out from other groups of lads as our jest never involves the humiliation of anyone other than ourselves.

Many of you will remember tales of me speaking to women about Lego..... Well luckily for me, I no longer am in search of a female as I've met a young lady..... after years of Rope Factory, Biscuit Photography and Scarecrow related lyrics, I've finally found somebody who will put up with all of it. Still - that won't stop me singing in hotel rooms Like this..........

...........Hmmmmm, maybe not?

All in all I'm a very down to earth person and I will get back to you if I feel that your request to talk with me is beneficial for work purposes or interesting enough to merit a reply.

Artists feel free to link me to your pages to check your music - trust me I do listen to your music (all of you), but I don't get back to everyone with feedback. If I hear something I like I will be in contact - no matter who you are I'm always on the lookout for new talent.

I enjoy travelling and music has given me the opportunity to visit and work in some of the world's most amazing cities such as Tokyo, Paris, Rome, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Berlin, Copenhagen, Brussels, Amsterdam - the list goes on forever. If you are a promoter anywhere in the world I would love to hear from you.

www.clubtraffic.org - www.myspace.com/djsystematic