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"Coconut Wata Sessions" Torsdagar 19-21 @ Sensimedia.net

Övrig musik - Reggae & Dancehall


2008-02-01 00:26

"Coconut Wata Sessions" Torsdagar 19-21 @ Sensimedia.net

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2008-01-31 </p><p>courtney john - sometimes
andrew diamond - puss and dog war feat. queen ifrika
buju banton - hills and valleys
luciano - lead not - found her riddim
jah mason - hold firm - found her riddim
lutan fyah - crown him - found her riddim
munga - found her - found her riddim
norris man - always love you - found her riddim
bushman - zion - found her riddim
kaykay - im in love - found her riddim
demarco - better jamaica - oscillator riddim
oscillator riddim dub - juke boxx crew
lloyd brown - from the root - cruising altitude riddim
i wayne - burn disgrace - cruising altitude riddim
chezidek - chant for life - cruising altitude riddim
turbulence - mama's appreciation - cruising altitude riddim
fire star & fyakin - give ises - cruising altitude riddim
harmony - just one of those - cruising altitude riddim
pressure - jah alone - cruising altitude riddim
tenor blue - gift of life - cruising altitude riddim
lutan fyah - is this the way - cruising altitude riddim
bescenta - unknown title - the journey riddim
i octane - unknown title - the journey riddim
pinchers - unknown title - the journey riddim
jah cure - unknown title - the journey riddim
cecile - unknown title - the journey riddim
anthony b - unknown title - the journey riddim
beenie man - my neighbour - razzle dazzle riddim
daville - better, sweet love - razzle dazzle riddim
unknown artist - deciever - razzle dazzle riddim
unknown artist - hyper active - razzle dazzle riddim
kabasi - war inna di ghetto - devils angel riddim
jah mason - bun corruption - devils angel riddim
jr kelly - try me - devils angel riddim
chrisinti - my enemies - devils angel riddim
bunji garlin - mr murder - devils angel riddim
delly ranx - whine pon di ting - creepa riddim
malica - malica - creepa riddim
g maffiah - deh pon di block - creepa riddim
mr easy - request de ting - creepa riddim
elephant man - gully creepa - creepa riddim
esco feat. fresh money - dun dem - creepa riddim
tifa - dem nuh ready - creepa riddim
jay macka - sellin - creepa riddim
mr peppa - at home - cranberry riddim
patriot - given it all - cranberry riddim
aisha - love away - cranberry riddim
tifa feat. timberlee - what you want - cranberry riddim
stacious - better life - cranberry riddim
khristopher - party like jamaicans - cranberry riddim
tony curtis - life - cranberry riddim
spice - good "o" - cranberry riddim
fire links - inna di video - airwaves riddim
aidonia - hard way - airwaves riddim
movado - gullyside - airwaves riddim
bounty killa - still deh ya - airwaves riddim
beenie man - product of the ghetto - airwaves riddim
vybz kartel - knock it - airwaves riddim
macka diamond - nuh tek mi fi clown - airwaves riddim
spragga benz - set di order - airwaves riddim
buju banton - crazy talk - bad dog riddim
kevin lyttle - bumpa roll - bad dog riddim
mr vegas - worry - bad dog riddim
rekha - no guts - bad dog riddim
bounty killa - killa talk - bad dog riddim
bling dawg - real bad dog - bad dog riddim
capleton - grippy grippy - the mix riddim
buju banton - soundkilla - the mix riddim
ras murdock - none a dem - the mix riddim
john wayne - jealousy a kill dem - the mix riddim

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2009-01-25 03:04

beres hammond - just like a woman
cornell campbell - ill mash you down
tony rebel - mr love
jr moore - those guys
mikey spice - happy hour
luciano - trouble times
million stylez - true story
jah mason - now is the time
luciano - throw down your guns
jr kelly - dont go
lukie d - voice of the people
norris man - nah love we culture
alaine & tarrus riley - forever more
anthony cruz - women 24/7
beenie man - love is lovely
busy signal - spliff tail
peetah morgan - warzone
assassin - priority
busy signal - wrong place
dennis brown - showers of blessing
suga ray & conrad crystal - love overdue
bushman - found out
admiral tibet - jail house
lukie d - what about us
ras shiloh - brown eyes
richie spice - brown skin
sanchez - no more heartaches
dennis brown - how can i leave her
mikey spice - best west ses
cornell campbell - malicious world
sister nancy - one, two
chrisinti - in due season
cornell campbell - fight against corruption
lutan fyah - fire key
spectacular - one life to live
norris man - from you no clean
elephant wise - burning slow
gyptian - jah
luciano - jah deliver us from all evil
admiral tibett - when im up
ginjah - society is so mess up
nateesha stream - be thankful
ziggi - need to tell you this
etana - badmine
bridgez - no one has to know
walker t - mama cry
gregory isaacs - tribal war
singing melody - rain from the sky
conrad crystal - no one at all
pad anthony - mystic mood
sugar black - mind
norbert clarke - love is the sky
faze - mothers love
tifa - tired
voicemail - lie down
kari jess - sad to say
reign - falling
iceman - mommy and daddy
gramps morgan - wash the tears
leftside aka mr evil feat nikki - belly ring
mad anju - hype bike
beenie man - millionaire
leftside aka mr evil - hardcore
shema - singing to myself
ricky blaze feat kardinal offishal - dreamland
movado - high ana
chino - haffi get de crea
mr vegas - blessing
serani - badmind
elephant man - live it up
vybz kartel - hustle the money
mad cobra - street mi seh
charly blacks - nuh coke
nitty kutchie - let it beat
beenie man - obama
lady ali - hot gal anthem
flexx - more money
bounty killer - social responsibility
tornado - mi pocket a speaka
bambi & magnum - see it deh
bramma - guided by the master
mr vegas - dope
beniton da menace & rihanna - da dagger
rdx - street dance
tornado - nah sell out
fambo - pon di pole
esco - top up
bay c - like a drum
vybz kartel & jah vinci - middle day
nahswitch - daggering train

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2009-01-26 18:49
jäklar vilken tung låt "gramps morgan - wash the tears" jag fick gåshud när jag hörde den. tough love rytmen var också nice.
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2009-01-26 20:28
Lite tråkigt att ljudkvaliten inte är den bästa på Gramps - Wash The Tears :(
Grym låt, tycker han låter lite som Peter Tosh då och då
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2009-02-06 12:07

Yes boss, yes boss yes boss... Police in helicopta, enjoy the vodka:

bob marley - is this love (dubmatix re-version)
ziggi - conspiracy
sylvia tella - talk about it
lutan fyah feat. morgan heritage - rasta set the trend
torch - red ya now
george nooks - break of the day
tanya stephens - im not proud
glen washington - i wouldnt do that
lloyd brown and peter spence - know yourself
sandra cross - beautiful picture
mikey spice - you cry, i cry
fiona - stop talking
tarrus riley - love created i
yt - heat seeking camera
jahmel - real dance hall
beres hammond - friends?
richie stephens - my kind a woman
wayne wonder - notten nah gwaan
anthony john - jah works
garnett silk - lion heart
dennis brown - children of israel
collie buddz - herb tree
gramps morgan - wash the tears
sadiki - sweet love songs
mike anthony - body body
anthony b - mamas love
i octane - unfortunate
luciano - love means
natural black - africa
pressure - pure life
revalation - spread your love
lutan fyah - african queen
sadiki - new life (baby)
pressure - make up to break up
beres hammond - a place for you
romain virgo - wanna go home
jah mason - love is the answer
glen washington - good loving
jahmel - jamdown whats up
jahmel - secret admiror
alaine & tarrus riley - forever more
gyptian - i dont want to be lonely
lukie d - take you there
jah cure - jah jah bless me
richie spice - earth a run red
kashief lindo - see you in your arms
pam hall - truly
mikey spice - when youre lonely
daville - myspace
nanko - ethan
kris kelli - find another love
irie love - reggae love
yt - write some lyrics
michie one and more - bills
blackout ja - reggae rebel
mr williamz - smokin ganja
jahmel - landlord
demarco - wine to the top
danielle aka di - tightest
fiona - no competition
lymie - cool
natural black - would you be there
brahyhan & queen ifrika - murder dem a play
lutan fyah - informer
beenie man - love is lovely
voice mail - trust in me
richie stephens - so much better
lymie - my daughter my friend
beres hammond - love you like that
beres hammond - no goodbye
dennis brown - sea of love
l.u.s.t - just as i am
jah selah - govern
beres hammond - i feel good
romain virgo - mi caan sleep
pressure - more love
lutan fyah - moving fire
tony curtis - strictly reggae music
fanton mojah - rasta chalice
peter spence - all i have
sadiki - one touch
fiona - changes
mikey spice - when im with you
beres hammond - cant say i never tried
jahmel - money gone
courtney john - lucky man
danielle aka di feat vybz kartel - beat it
mr lexx - speak mi mind
capleton - no pardon
sizzla - made it so
danielle aka di - pat yu kitty
shema - singing to myself
sizzla - hawl and pull

HI-Q (Gotdarker) | avg 190 KBIT VBR, 44.1KHZ, STEREO
HI-Q (Megaupload) | avg 190 KBIT VBR, 44.1KHZ, STEREO
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2009-02-06 15:48
Soft... en födelsedagspresent
''I haven't done any drugs or smoked a joint or nothing for a whole week, man.<br>And I feel so good, I want to get high. You know what I mean?''

2009-02-21 20:54
big! ingen show i torsdags?, jag var inte online dock
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2009-02-26 22:13
jag tror att det var 2 torsdagar som ströks pga sjukdom. Idag var det dock show.

Ez JEfe, sena födelsedagshälsningar :)
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2009-02-26 22:39

ub40 - come back darling
uncle sam - tell them move
mike anthony - walk away from love
fiona - theres no me without you
causion - breaking up
sizzla - good ways
junior kelly - baby can we meet
cornell campbell - ill never let you go
mojo morgan - red light
morgan heritage - nothing to smile about
mikey spice - here i am
romain virgo - want to go home
jah mason - love is the answer
stevie face - i wanna wake up with you
terry linen - my love
torch - i need your love
anthony cruz feat. nikeisha barnes - hold me
queen ifrica - in my dreams
jah mali - who goes there
lutan fyah - nah mix
kari jess - im sorry (ill do it again)
anthony cruz - woman 24/7
ziggi - dont know why
lij amlak - missing you
althea hewitt - if i were a boy
romain virgo - love doctor
leftside & mr evil - mr lu
vybz kartel & spice - ramping shop
laden - time to shine
busy signal - some some high grade
demarco - cant believe it in jamaica
romain virgo - time tuff
lutan fyah & spectacular - kill dem sound
ricky blaze feat kardinal - dreamland
mr vegas - i am bless
aidonia - i like her
macka diamond - come
chico - new way
elephant man - tip up
tok - upinayah (call her)
bling dawg - survivor
kyos - scream
vybz kartel - baby fada
beenie man - saltfish
mad anju - fatty
ratigan - cyaa hold mi down
harry toddler - fashion mi seh
elephant man - no fool
mr easy & hollow point - dont leave
vybz kartel - workout
black rhyno - bend over
esco - top up
sean paul - dont tease me
aidonia - in har belly
singing sweet - what is love
voicemail - give her
movado - inna di car back
mr evil - she waaah
cush & monsta twins - rasta daggering
elephant man - tlc
vybz kartel - wine yuh body
wayne marshall & esco - off dem feet
voicemail - close to drunk
munga - she say harder
demarco - we deyah
konshens - hear dem talkin
voicemail - she makes me
monster twins - super freak
rdx - party
esco - drama
chi ching - expensive
stacious - your man a follow me
laden - wining competition
mr vegas - she likes it
ice cold - set good
sizzla - what is going on
blaze - wine & bubble
vybz kartel - million by a morning
munga - regular basis

Hi-Q VBR Stereo mp3 (150mb)
Lo-Q CBR Mono mp3 (58mb)
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2009-03-12 22:50

admiral tibet - if me never run (cuss fix riddim / uppsetta sound)
smoke & aqua - dead weight (cuss fix riddim / uppsetta sound)
greta frost - know better (cuss fix riddim / uppsetta sound)
ras q - rastafari way (cuss fix riddim / uppsetta sound)
determine - i had a dream (come to pass remix) - cuss fix riddim / uppsetta sound
universal speakers - cool now (cuss fix riddim / uppsetta sound)
uncle sam - skrewface special (dub)
johnny osbourne - truths and rights
uncle sam - run down town (promo)
uncle sam - welcome 2 jamaica (pickers riddim / big belly ent)
glen washington - pour your sugar
sanchez - i shall be released (xterminator)
tony curtis - 25 ladies (cherry oh baby riddim / tp records)
louie culture - hang on tight (cherry oh baby riddim / tp records)
tanya stephens - freak (cherry oh baby riddim / tp records)
jah mason - the truth (cherry oh baby riddim / tp records)
platynum - still the one (cherry oh baby riddim / tp records)
george nooks - over and over (cherry oh baby riddim / tp records)
spruddy one - never ever (cherry pie riddim / african beat)
alborosie - i am (cherry pie riddim / african beat)
sanchez ft. bounty killer - searching
cocoa tea - chilling out
cocoa tea - fool in love
tarrus riley - cold kisses (don corleon prod)
brahyan art feat. queen ifrica - murder dem a play (remix) - promo
john legend & estelle - no other love (promo)
lukie d - save me (feel good riddim / penthouse)
romain virgo - mi caan sleep (feel good riddim / penthouse)
anthony cruz - dem block de road (feel good riddim / penthouse)
beres hammond - i feel good (feel good riddim / penthouse)
capleton - bun dem everyday (doctors darling riddim / vp records)
michael rose - jah love hot (doctors darling riddim / vp records)
junior kelly - korruption (doctors darling riddim / vp records)
seeed and anthony b - water pumpee (doctors darling riddim / vp records)
tanya stephens - its a pity (doctors darling riddim / vp records)
luciano - stay away (doctors darling riddim / vp records)
sizzla - pure love (doctors darling riddim / vp records)
john holt - sugar and spice
teflon - why you want to burn the fields (promo)
john holt - police in helicopter (greensleeves)
yt - heat seeking camera (promo)
george nooks - break of day (smile jamaica riddim)
tanya stephens - im not proud (smile jamaica riddim)
john holt feat. queen ifrika - queen of the ghetto remix (promo)
collie buddz - herb tree (digi harper)
mr vegas - old school hustling (sensimedia exclusive promo)
voicemail - connection (sweetness riddim)
d major - cant buy love (sweetness riddim)
christopher martin - all i need (sweetness riddim)
red rat - im just a man (sweetness riddim)
dlynx - dream (sweetness riddim)
iceman - wont give up on you (sweetness riddim)
gentleman - changes (changes riddim / don corleon prod)
mitch - gimme a call (changes riddim / don corleon prod)
morgan heritage - cant get we out (changes riddim / don corleon prod)
richie spice - more life (changes riddim / don corleon prod)
alaine - without you (changes riddim / don corleon prod)
jah cure - never find (changes riddim / don corleon prod)
beres hammond - she loves me now (vp records)
konshens - fairweather friend (promo)
aisha davis - murder (promo)
frisco kid - crazy mi crazy (boasty riddim / big ship)
beenie man - pop off (boasty riddim / big ship)
assassin - pree dis (boasty riddim / big ship)

Hi-Q VbR 44.1khz, stereo (154mb) Getdarker link
Lo-Q CbR 32khz, mono (71mb) Darkaudio link

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2009-03-23 01:56

bugle - mama i love you
tarrus riley - stay with you
sanchez - here i am
india arie feat gramps morgan - therapy (reggae remix)
selena serrano feat pressure - the one
romain virgo - want to go home
nadine sutherland - last nights memory
sanchez - pretty girl
mikey spice - forever and ever
lukie d - you are my reason
morgan heritage - down by the river
beres hammond - body and soul
morgan heritage - africa here we come
sizzla - only jah alone
capleton - why worry
dennis brown feat big youth - equal rights style
natty king - slew you in the open
admiral tibel - when im up
luciano - jah deliver us from all evil
million stylez - oh jah jah
ziggi - need to tell you this
estelle feat sean paul - come over
lutan fyah - cant stop the fire
natty king - praises
geoffrey star - free up your mind feat wildfire
fiona - sexy
sadiki - shawty
uncle sam - everything u need
max romeo - chi chi bud
uncle sam - cool ruler
queen ifrika - rise ghetto youths
jah cure - journey
jr reid - girl
lukie d - meant to be
lutan fyah - travelling
richie spice - why should i
coco tea - sweet
i wayne - one hit wonda
lymie - cool
fiona - no compensation
don carlos - lazer beam
singing melody - rain from the sky
gregory isaacs - tribal war
mad cobra - happen
queen ifrika - yad the east
monster hemp higher - stop man
tony rebel - leave you
tanya stephens - freak
tony curtis - 25 ladies
turbulence - want to be my queen
half pint - keep your head up
luciano - we need jah love
fiona - changes
richie stephens - heaven
maikal x - bare with me
morgan heritage - cant get we out
gentleman - changes
richie spice - more life
alaine - with out u
jah cure - never find
dennis brown & gregory isaacs - big all around
lutan fyah - unquenchable
luciano - perfect love
morgan heritage - i know

Hi-Q mp3 44.1khz stereo file
Lo-Q mp3 32khz mono file
Denna användare har skrivit alla inlägg där användaren har tagits bort från whoa.

2009-03-23 05:50

etana - all that you have is your soul
teflon - why you want to burn down the fields
john holt - police in helicopter
yt - heat seeking camera
kirkledove & mr g - drum pan
jah cure - sufferation
sammy dread - old time days
gentleman - changes
morgan heritage - cant get we out
richie spice - more life
alaine - with out u
jah cure - never find
tarrus riley - getty getty no want ee
high octane - blood shed
gentleman - changes
peter lloyd - dancehall queen
spanner banner - im a winner
lij amlak - missing you
l.u.s.t.- youre the inspiration
l.u.s.t. - just as i am
alpheus - cant deal with this
voicemail - the days
tony curtis - still havent found
daville - weh she want
chico - my way
busy signal - up in the club
mr vegas - beat drop
kiprich - yu no careless gal
million stylez & alozade - all we do
chukki starr - cyaan stop it
capleton - purge dem
voicemail - fine girl
michael knight - knock knock
ward 21 - puff puff
vybz kartel & wayne marshall - i need you girl
leftside & esco - light my spliff
busy signal - pussy cat
tok - gal ting
bling dawg - wuk har
voicemail - be like you
mr easy - nuh lef it
singing sweet - seasons change
elephant man - horny wine
lady saw - no guarantee
beenie man - pop off
assasin - pree dis
vybz kartel - dem nuh like wi
matterhorn - come quick
tifa - tick it like a clock
beenie man feat. janet lee davis - i care for you
bounty killer - cellular phone
sample king feat chi ching - flossy flossy
elephant man - swagga (show dem)
mr vegas feat lil jon - so dope
daville feat fireball - ichiban
alaine & 8 bars - flash back to dancehall
don corleon & sean paul - sweat
wasp - attack dem
delly ranks - wine pon a gyal
fambo - hypocrite an badmine
elephant man - no tikkle
leftside - cow boy
timberlee - heels
shano - u lele
leftside - i love you
sample - kotch
lady saw - jealous
stacious - your man a follow me
esco - drama
chi ching - expensive
tok - you have the best
malica - hey mr dj
mr evil - mek she bawl
demarco - excellent hole
kiprich - body work
red rat - thief
ward 21, elephant man and wayne marshall - one more (start a war)
mad cobra - fraid a wi
capleton - bust it
ward 21 - this means war
hawkeye - ganja man
beenie man - cool bwoy
mr vegas - more bun
alozade - load up
admiral bailey - healthy body
shabba ranks - halla fi buddy
shabba ranks - needle ye pum pum
lady saw - its all about the cash
elephant man - pum pum
mr vegas - chuckie boo
selena serrano feat sizzla - dont think
tifa - spell it out
lexie lee - get criminal
ward 21 - walla walla
busy signal - we nah smile
hollow point - cross pon chess
gatlin aka parts unknown - cemetery
lexie lee - life's hard

Hi-Q 44.1khz stereo mp3 file
Lo-Q 32khz mono mp3
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2009-03-27 21:13

dennis brown - moonlight
mikey spice - my way
glen washington - pour your sugar
collie buddz - herb tree
mishu laika feat. perfect - rasta lovin
gramps morgan - wash the tears
pressure - pure life
cocoa tea - poverty
al pancho - me come from
beenie man - rude bwoy
k-oss - princess
capleton - i know
mikey spice - remix the love
selena serrano feat pressure - the one
perfect - 30 pieces
morgan heritage - live to the fullest
pressure - ganja make the world go round
sizzla - goodness
gyptian - stepping higher
freddie mcgregor - stop loving you
sizzla - give praises
luciano - helping hand
gyptian - butteryfly
perfect - blessing
xxx - insecure
gyptian - butterfly
shema - better know yourself
elephant man - horny wine
laden - really rate me
beenie man - pop off
matterhorn - come quick
assassin - pree dis
mr easy - nuh lef it
aidonia - bum pan it
buju banton - ghetto reality
capleton - women mi love
mad cobra - sey dem a shotta
buccaneer - pussy plus
pan head - international wuk
beenie man - gwaan so
mr vegas - bing things a gwaan
buccaneer - sha la la
red rat - bizzi blazzi
buccaneer - bad man sonata
mr vegas - i am blessed
mr vegas - tamborine
mr vegas & lexxus - taxi fare
mr vegas - girls time
tifa - spell it out
bugle - dat naah guh happen
busy signal - easy access
leftside & mr evil - number one remix
kardinal offishall & keri hilson - numba 1
ini kamoze - murdarah
kardinal offishall & rihanna - numba 1
serani - we grow
voicemail - put it up
wayne wonder - stay close
aidonia - badman a step
esco - yuh kno how fi hold yuh man
stacious - useless bwoy
anthony b - nuh walk & beg
powerman - daggerin
penny irie - iron donkey
rdx - bend over
bragga dap - couple up
pamputae - ride it
ms thing - hot
harry toddler - wifey
movado - twice a day
munga - shake it up
vybz kartel - work it
elephant man & ding dong - dip again
sean paul - lace it
black rhyno - thug anthem
movado - real killa
mr easy - screw pan face
aidonia - gyal say woiii

Hi-Q VBR 44.1khz stereo file
Lo-Q CBR 32.1khz mono file
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