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Säljes Vice böcker.

Övrigt - Köp & Sälj


2005-05-19 11:03

Säljes Vice böcker.

Orkar inte översätta men ni kan la engelska:

If you don’t have a VICE book yet you should probably get this. It’s 300 pages of our best material including our finest DOs and DON’Ts and the unbelievably popular VICE Guide to Eating Pussy. It’s also got all new photographs from Terry Richardson and Ryan McGinley and tons of other artists.

This is more than just a compilation of the magazines’ best articles over the past decade. It is 13 deaths, 4 sex guides, 100 DOs and DON’Ts (including a dozen by Joe Strummer)… THIS IS A 300 PAGE RECORD OF THE MOST OUTRAGEOUS CULTURAL PHENOMENON IN HISTORY.


100:- inkl frakt hela landet. 80 inom göteborg.

..:: A dollar short and a day late. Story of my life ::...