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[Audio & Video] Follow Him To the End Of the Desert- Jacksonian March

Svensk Hiphop - Audio & Video


2009-05-15 15:41

[Audio & Video] Follow Him To the End Of the Desert- Jacksonian March

Idag släpps det!

Ladda Ner:
Länk till http://www.artistsprowolf.com/the-jacksonian-march-mixtape/

1. Jacksonian March Feat. Prop Dylan
2. Out Of Office Offbeat Remix
3. Crunk, Pretto & Normal Feat. K-Element
4. Cleansing Product
5. Sea Lion Feat. Stiko Per Larsson
6. Mexican Standoff Feat. NekkiDee
7. Groundbattle
8. John Doe Jr.
9. Lord Knows Feat. Prop Dylan
10. Byte Me Feat. Séamus
11. She Moves Away
12. Welcome To the Desert Feat. Ragin Goblins
13. K-Element´s Random Thoughts
14. Time To Realize Feat Public Travesty Zionism
15. Paradise With Tainted Gardening
16. Lack Of Competence
17. Pronunciation Feat. Mackie
18. Highway 101
19. They All Look The Same
20. A Wolfhater Dies

21. Dessit Egol Feat. Hanna Berglund

Idag publicerar jag även en minidokumentär om inspelningen av tapet:

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