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[Audio]Crome - Close My Eyes

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2009-08-21 15:15

[Audio]Crome - Close My Eyes

Här är en till låt som didn´t make the mixtape, så kom ihåg alla de här låtarna are NOT on "The Devil Wears NewEra" mixtapet som släpps i September. Ya´ll about to hear alot more from me!

Länk till http://www.zshare.net/audio/644418245ee6399c/

Now everybody´s feelin up and down.
You get to fly for a while then you touch the ground.
That`s when it starts, Feelings go blank.
Both hands`ll be tied, Like Hillary Swank.
You tried to box what you can`t... Life it self.
Homie stop while you can... Don`t fight your self.
Take drugs just to budge everythin that`s real.
Face up, Don`t be stuck It`s a differant year.
(And) It´s never too late.- I know you feel bruised and hurt.
Put your hands on your face and remove this dirt.
Had some problems in the past, Stick with a choice.
Who`s to say to my issues are bigger then yours?
They`re not, I know you think God is unfair.
(And) You`re stuck all alone and that nobody cares.
You ain`t the first who got drenched in gutter.
We share the same pain, We can help eachother.
Hold you down like...

Close my eyes.
Only for a moment,
and the moment`s gone.

All my dreams.
Pass before my eyes,
a curiosity.

It happend to him, It happend to me.
So get up off it, I know it`s not bad as it seems.
You had dreams, Your depression took it.
Takin needles up your arm and your best friend`s lookin.
Don`t be reachin for the dark like your life`s a cruse.
There`s people with a luck, Homie twice as worse.
Hopin it can reach him, He might reverse.
(And) Maybe one day I`ll re-write this verse.
But for now I just watch as he slips away.
His time`s runnin short and it ticks away.
In the palm of his hand, But he dropped the glas.
The pieces on the floor, They resemble his past.
Every piece for it self represents a scar.
He thinks his mistakes split his perents apart.
Ain´t your fault!- Drugs ain`t gon help now, They gon stop you.
Let go!- You can land in my arms, Eyo I got you...

Close my eyes.
Only for a moment,
and the moment`s gone.

All my dreams.
Pass before my eyes,
a curiosity.

Same old song.
Just a drop off water,
in an endless sea.

All we do.
Crumbles to the ground,
though we refuse to see...

- "This one here just might be my masterpiece..."

2009-08-21 16:14
fan man, du är övergrym! diggar fett mycket!
e du i malmö mycket nu eller?

2009-08-21 16:25
Drar iväg en bigup här istället för i alla trådarna. Först vill jag säga, DAMN. Gillas skarpt!

2009-08-22 12:32
Jävligt bra

2009-08-24 22:41
övertungt, "Devil wears newera"

2009-08-24 23:11
You're something else.. kunde haft tre verser på detta , hade varit fetare än vad det är, men det är tungt nog så, klagar inte..
"One good think about music, when it hits you.. You feel no pain..So hit me with music... Hit me with music now!"