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[Audio]Crome- 2 Nya throw away låtar varje vecka tills tapet släpps!

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2009-08-25 05:03

[Audio]Crome- 2 Nya throw away låtar varje vecka tills tapet släpps!

Hahaha visste inte hur fan jag skulle döpa denna tråden, obviously så blir det fult om det finns 500 trådar med "CROME-Checka denna låten" & "Crome-Eller checkka denna!"

So I was told to do this, de andra tre spåren som jag leaked finns fortfarande i varsin tråd men från och med nu ALLA nya som jag leak kommer att vara i denna tråden.

Här är länkarna till:

- Never Walked Away: Länk till http://www.zshare.net/audio/63989508c18c662a/

- City of Roads (Roadlake): Länk till http://www.zshare.net/audio/643012795d6b3a78/

- Close My Eyes: Länk till http://www.zshare.net/audio/644418245ee6399c/

Incase you missed one of them...

Mixtapet "Devil Wears NewEra" släpps gratis i September med bl.a. Royce Da 5 9, Lazee, Danjah, Allyawan, Pato Pooh, Bobby Bolivian, Cap & Quinze, Neo Cartoonlover, Tony Koma, Hummin + more

Let the trååååden liiiive my friends!!



- "This one here just might be my masterpiece..."

2009-08-25 05:10
Crome - Quicksand (ft. Show-N-Tell & Just M Prove) 4E LÅTEN!

- Quicksand (ft. Show-N-Tell & just M Prove): Länk till http://www.zshare.net/audio/6461481032aad7b3/

Har bara lyrics till min vers dock....

Six- Breaths- Left... Baffle the crowd.
Look at me now (Heh) They thought that he actually drowned. (Hmmrrr!)
Swallowed by the quicksand, fuck up big plans.
You were big, now you`re stuck with only like six fans.
If you cross it`ll cost you trouble. (Uha)
My patience`s shorter then eight midgets tryin to solve a puzzle.
Holds me back tho, I`m sinkin not wining so fuck props.
Sink fast, like I was holdin Anna Book`s luch-box.
It`s that- Real, I`m seperated from the rest.
I (Ahhh...)- Catch my breath, I`m seconds away from death.
Way I threat rappers is preferably rude.
Like an obese American, Got no respect for my food.
So better move, I`m targetin anybody infront of me.
Frruk with me!- Careers`ll get flatten, No recovery.
I`ll grab a stick, then I poke you and taunt.
Throw you in the fuckin sand, chop both of your arms...
- "This one here just might be my masterpiece..."

2009-08-28 16:50
Crome - Get Money Then Bounce (5E LÅTEN!)

- Get Money Then Bounce: Länk till http://www.zshare.net/audio/6478560961b2dc45/

Once I`m positioned up in the throne.
I`ll sit on figures that kids want to loan.
Chicks`ll be takin their pictures of Crome.
Yo sister is takin permission to blow.
------ I know that I`m sittin on gold.
So many vissions, My buisnes`ll grow.
Sixtyfour shows, Bitches on tours.
Picture me spittin ridicilous flows.
------ Picture me kissin my dough.
While rubbin my nipple, my dick is exposed.
------ I`m just kiddin yo it was a joke.
------ I`m simply tickelin toes.
------ I`m sick of the jibberin folkes.
Cripple - disfigure and spit on my foes.
Step on the kid and get riddled with holes.
Got nowhere to go like a fish in a bowl...

G-G-G-G-G-Guess who`s back for more.
G-G-G-G-G-Guess who`s back for more.
G-G-G-G-G-Guess who`s back for more.
Get money, Get money and then bounce...


also checka "We Run This" på Länk till http://www.mybestfriendismygrind.com
- "This one here just might be my masterpiece..."