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[Audio]Crome - R.I.P. Yayo.se

Svensk Hiphop - Audio & Video


2009-09-04 22:09

[Audio]Crome - R.I.P. Yayo.se

"Crome-RIP Yayo.se"

here we go now rep your name
and where you came from
my flow- thirty bandanna clip
your flow is paint gun
i`m bananas i`m so crazy when gangsters
talk about hammers
i think they actualy mean hammers, not bangers
im on my (ey, ey) oh
im unstopable, hello
you didnt know, youre about to know
somebody send him the M.O.
catch me bloggin on YAYO
shout outs to Thomas the King
back in the days
him and Mitch saw me doin my thing
and so they scouped me up
and still to this day
my version of the Hoodspot remix is still illest to this date
Wait- I mean next to Bobby Bolivian- we effortless
Shout outs to Eldhee Eldhee Eldhee, shit was also definate
Destined with- special gift, I come out so excellent
Obama won so I`m not gonna be runnin for the president, I`m good
Good with the choices, good with the outcome
How come- Crooked I doesn`t have a al-bum... Yet
What`s wrong with execs-
I call Scissors, tell him to chill and put the chords on their necks
Kick the chair like the chair said my mama´s a hoe
Interruptin their fuckin speech like when Saddam tried to speak
I`m on my baby so sick shit, so redicilous
I`m dissed my 63 critics, I`m pissed at 60 idiots
61 my ex-bicth, 62`s a virgin
63 couldn`t be reached for a comment, probably murdered...
Affraid of the germs like I`m allergic to rappers
In a cypher I wear a mask and plastic gloves like Michael Jacksson
Michael stab him, my sister been shoutin on halloween
So I stabbed any mahfucka, walkin the streets
So it`s me, Cromiebeezy the lyrical one
When I get my lyrical gun you bitches will run
I grab the ammo and insert it, now that you probably heard it
What´s the verdict, is he really that illy could you confirm it

Got my bagpack packed, I´m ready to go
Kiss my moma tell & her that I`m not eleven years old
Tupac was 25 and Biggie was 24
I don`t know, Seems like I`m not really reachin my goals
My friends got plans, They travel the world
I drop them off & pick them up after they land & return
At the airport I wave them off, Wait until they arrive
they show me a bunch of pictures, I show them a bunch of rhymes..

Ni får excause MJ raden, spelades in nån dag innan...

"Devil Wears NewEra" släpps i slutet av månaden.
Gästas av: Royce Da 5 9, Bobby Bolivian, NEO, Henok, Lazee, Danjah, J-Son, Allyawan,
Pato Pooh,Sindri, Hummin, Cap, Quinze, Tony Koma...

Länk till http://www.myspace.com/crome01

- "This one here just might be my masterpiece..."

2009-09-04 23:47
T.A.P Out NOW!! Get It At Sneakers N Stuff In Malmö

2009-09-05 01:00
Damn, riktigt fet må jag säga!

// B-Raz
Denna användare har skrivit alla inlägg där användaren har tagits bort från whoa.

2009-09-05 23:33
oh man! Gillar detta skarpt! hehe fett asså

2009-09-05 23:46
daaaaamn man du toppar dig själv hela jävla tiden. fetare track för varje släpp typ! :O
diggade dom sista typ 4 raderna ;D fätt shiet !