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[Audio] Crome - Re-Energized

Svensk Hiphop - Audio & Video


2010-06-10 01:19

[Audio] Crome - Re-Energized

haft skrivkramp i flera månader, äntligen släppte skiten...

Länk: http://www.zshare.net/audio/7706739623b19a80/


I`m re-enegized
Repeat every rhyme
Two months not a rhyme written
I met a bride
Let her ride on my cockdiesel
I get inside- Hella wild
Shorty so sick, I was paralysed
Best I ever had
My fans they outta let it slide
But even tho` I was gone
the buzz never died
Part II comin soon
Spread quick like the flu
MySpace- 4 hudered thousans views
You want to drop a comment
I will glady approve
Please don`t send a big ass photo of your crew
With photoshoped backgrounds
That´s a lot of jewels
With nice expensive cars
but who the fuck are you
If you break that rule
I´m a headache on the loose
Like a newly wed groom
on his fuckin honeymoon
Seein two random dudes
The guy who cleaned the pool
And the guy who brought the food
With wife in his room
I`m past nasty
Noone lasts or passes
I barracade myself in the studio when I have beats
Depression steps in when I`m usually just slackin`
Sindri- He gave me a call and I was happy
Crome I got sumthin, Crome- Stop frontin
Who else can do a tape- Big names, no budget
I dumb out, Spaz the fuck out before the summer
Devil Wears NewEra part 2 mahfuckah
I`m the number two guy with the number one rhyme
Look into number one´s eyes like; that spot is mine
It`s pointless to be objectin
Your boys can even question
Everybody in the country point in the same direction
It´s moah, The one who is certanly subliminal
The one who killed Swedens own version of Mystikal
Too ill for my own good, verse critical
I rhyme, Accidently kill 30 individuals
Slpath!- Fuck with ya bwoi yo I`m tellin you
None of these rap cats got what I`m sellin you...

- "This one here just might be my masterpiece..."

2010-06-10 17:39
länken funkar ej...

2010-06-11 14:03
testade precis....den funkar

2010-06-11 14:14
Please don`t send a big ass photo of your crew

Gotta love that .. haha :)

Its a dope track overall

2010-06-11 14:20
riiktigt nice lyrik! dock diggar ja inte riktigt beatet! :(