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[Audio] Crome - Re-Energized

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2010-06-10 01:19

[Audio] Crome - Re-Energized

haft skrivkramp i flera månader, äntligen släppte skiten...

Länk: http://www.zshare.net/audio/7706739623b19a80/


I`m re-enegized
Repeat every rhyme
Two months not a rhyme written
I met a bride
Let her ride on my cockdiesel
I get inside- Hella wild
Shorty so sick, I was paralysed
Best I ever had
My fans they outta let it slide
But even tho` I was gone
the buzz never died
Part II comin soon
Spread quick like the flu
MySpace- 4 hudered thousans views
You want to drop a comment
I will glady approve
Please don`t send a big ass photo of your crew
With photoshoped backgrounds
That´s a lot of jewels
With nice expensive cars
but who the fuck are you
If you break that rule
I´m a headache on the loose
Like a newly wed groom
on his fuckin honeymoon
Seein two random dudes
The guy who cleaned the pool
And the guy who brought the food
With wife in his room
I`m past nasty
Noone lasts or passes
I barracade myself in the studio when I have beats
Depression steps in when I`m usually just slackin`
Sindri- He gave me a call and I was happy
Crome I got sumthin, Crome- Stop frontin
Who else can do a tape- Big names, no budget
I dumb out, Spaz the fuck out before the summer
Devil Wears NewEra part 2 mahfuckah
I`m the number two guy with the number one rhyme
Look into number one´s eyes like; that spot is mine
It`s pointless to be objectin
Your boys can even question
Everybody in the country point in the same direction
It´s moah, The one who is certanly subliminal
The one who killed Swedens own version of Mystikal
Too ill for my own good, verse critical
I rhyme, Accidently kill 30 individuals
Slpath!- Fuck with ya bwoi yo I`m tellin you
None of these rap cats got what I`m sellin you...

- "This one here just might be my masterpiece..."
Användaren är inloggad Bling
Detta är lite reklam för att finansiera driften av whoa. Om du blir medlemoch loggar in så slipper du denna reklam.

2010-06-10 17:39
länken funkar ej...

2010-06-11 14:03
testade precis....den funkar

2010-06-11 14:14
Please don`t send a big ass photo of your crew

Gotta love that .. haha :)

Its a dope track overall

2010-06-11 14:20
riiktigt nice lyrik! dock diggar ja inte riktigt beatet! :(