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Mr.S.O.S. Till Sverige?

Utländsk Hiphop - Allmänt


2006-10-07 11:23

Mr.S.O.S. Till Sverige?

Help bring Mr. SOS to your area (with 5 quick questions)

 5 quick questions

1. Can you personally book shows or are you cool with someone who can book shows?

2. Do many hip hop artists come to perform in your area? Can you remember the last three?

3. What nights are the best nights for hip hop shows in your area? When and where? Think about shows you've went to.

4. Who PROMOTES these hip hop shows in your area? Try to remember the flyer. Do you remember a logo for a crew or group, maybe even used like "_____ presents..." or "______ ent. or entertainment?" If there was nothing like this its ok. The venue might promote events themselves.

5. Any other links or phone numbers that you think might help?

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