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Hip Hop Is Alive

Utländsk Hiphop - Allmänt


2007-02-19 08:49

Hip Hop Is Alive

The landscape is about to change once again as Houston's own V-Zilla is set to launch THE DAY THE GAME VOL. 2  (Man Against The Machine) on March 1st. The gritty, street offering features 22 head banging tracks with features from The Legendary K-O, Wino, Pitch Brown, Koppo, Cami and of course The entire S.W.A.T. Product. Hosted by The Krackernuttz, V-Zilla has been steadily bubbling right under the radar but will soon take center stage once the product hits the streets. With a full blown promotion about to get underway, a revamped street team and an all new outlook on the game, Hip Hop isn't dead, It's simply about to wake up from a overly long nap and brought back to life by The Monster. MARCH 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click The Link Below to Hear HIP HOP By V-Zilla aka VG SKILLZ