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Hip Hop Is Alive

Utländsk Hiphop - Allmänt


2007-02-19 08:49

Hip Hop Is Alive

The landscape is about to change once again as Houston's own V-Zilla is set to launch THE DAY THE GAME VOL. 2  (Man Against The Machine) on March 1st. The gritty, street offering features 22 head banging tracks with features from The Legendary K-O, Wino, Pitch Brown, Koppo, Cami and of course The entire S.W.A.T. Product. Hosted by The Krackernuttz, V-Zilla has been steadily bubbling right under the radar but will soon take center stage once the product hits the streets. With a full blown promotion about to get underway, a revamped street team and an all new outlook on the game, Hip Hop isn't dead, It's simply about to wake up from a overly long nap and brought back to life by The Monster. MARCH 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click The Link Below to Hear HIP HOP By V-Zilla aka VG SKILLZ


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2007-02-22 00:55
I respect that... and wasn't trying to sound bitter... I hear u on the cratediggin, breaks, .... Hip Hop Junkies... its a lost art... alot of real producers still dig and create nastyness each time out the gate... so yeah... thats real shit.... just rare to get beats like that all the time....



2007-02-22 02:51

VG Skillz I had a track from u long time ago which I loved, but the track got deleted when I had to formate the peace of shit comp. And I havent found it ever since then. So long time ago I heard it so I forgot the title to it to. But u were rapping about a girl who fell in love with some hustler, who made her an crack addict and fucked her life up...

Is there anyway I can get hold of that track?

"I gonna slash and gash, cut another hole in your ass<br>spill blood on the walls and play tennis with your balls<br>If the phone rings, don't answear the call<br>Im a slit your throat, fuck you like a ghost<br>cut your foreskin off and make a winnercoat.......PEACE"

Spöket i Scary Movie

2007-02-22 08:09
VG_Skillz P29

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2007-02-22 22:11
"I know loving me aint easy, probably the hardest thing that you ever, had to do, still it had to be me and you ...".

I love that track to death. I had it on one of those sample cd's, it was labeled bangers somethin somethin, and played it until the cd went blank... haha. And it wasn't even the entire track, it was cut off at about halfway thru. Beat was tight, delivery was tight, it was solid. Tried looking for the lockdown session but  failed to find it.    

Keep up!
Denna användare har skrivit alla inlägg där användaren har tagits bort från whoa.

2007-02-25 22:05
Ah thight track u got there ... cant wait too here the new mixtape ..