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Hip Hop Is Alive

Utländsk Hiphop - Allmänt


2007-02-19 08:49

Hip Hop Is Alive

The landscape is about to change once again as Houston's own V-Zilla is set to launch THE DAY THE GAME VOL. 2  (Man Against The Machine) on March 1st. The gritty, street offering features 22 head banging tracks with features from The Legendary K-O, Wino, Pitch Brown, Koppo, Cami and of course The entire S.W.A.T. Product. Hosted by The Krackernuttz, V-Zilla has been steadily bubbling right under the radar but will soon take center stage once the product hits the streets. With a full blown promotion about to get underway, a revamped street team and an all new outlook on the game, Hip Hop isn't dead, It's simply about to wake up from a overly long nap and brought back to life by The Monster. MARCH 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click The Link Below to Hear HIP HOP By V-Zilla aka VG SKILLZ


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2007-02-19 09:11
Ummmm... I didnt quite understand you homie...My producer Moonshine is from Stockholm and I used to work w/. The Narcissists back in the day, Now im about to come back to Stockholm in April and get crackin w/ Bucc from RMH.... its all good tho.. just looking for some criticism tho....



2007-02-19 09:48


Det kom ut en remix för några år sedan, som jag tror moonshine gjorde. Det var violin stråkar i beatet har jag för mig. Skulle vilja veta vad den låten heter och om du kan tänka dig lägga upp den på internet?

Hoppas du förstår svenska.

2007-02-19 10:04
Maaan....I aint learned to read swedish so good, but are u asking me to do a remix for something? or did moon do a remix for u? And something about looking me up on the net.... hahahaha... whatever u need tho, let me know... i work with anybody that comes with it....


2007-02-19 10:25

I take it on english then...

For some years ago, I heard a remix that moonshine did. And im wondering what the song is called. I think it was a violin beat? I remember that remix was good. So I wondering if you know what remix im talkin about and if you know where I can get it.

2007-02-19 10:27
... I think it was moonshine who did the remix. Im 100% sure that a swedish producer did the beat. But not sure if it was moonshine or some other guy.

2007-02-19 11:18
Damn man that Again joint you've done is bangin I love it!
Puzzle Productions / puzzleprod.com

2007-02-19 12:16
I hope this tape includes a lot of songs similar to the "Head Banger Boogie Monster" track, that shit is just straight up FIYAAH, one of the heaviest hiphop-bangers I've ever heard!
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2007-02-19 13:21

nice to hear from one of the illest!!!

keep that good stuff comin'... still cant get enuff off that track you did about hiphop (coolest musicvideo)

nice to have you back in sweden in april! if you're up for doing a hot track just let me know... would be an honour! 


v-radi  ( you can find me on your myspace friends list )

¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ www.myspace.com/vradii¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

2007-02-19 15:41
your album the lockdown session was tha bomb! I'm still listing to that album!
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2007-02-19 18:30
Araya P20

jag kom precis från semester... valparaiso va schysst!
¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ www.myspace.com/vradii¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

2007-02-19 23:25
Ill shit määäään!

Håller med dig PeBee, till 100% vafan är det med er egentligen? shapa upp er nu flickor!

HEY! File sharing is a crime and I'm not going to be anally raped just so you can listen to Usher!

2007-02-19 23:39

2007-02-20 00:10
havent u heeerd?

hiphop is dead.
zombastic fantastic

2007-02-20 00:27
according to who ? Nas ? Im probably his biggest fan, but he got this one wrong.... and im barely getting started .... Enjoy


2007-02-20 08:07
From his point of view it is, its just his expression of how its killin the industry right now like the southern parts of america with their crunk and all that shit. Hiphop will live for ever, and yeah nas is for me one of the greatest. I dont agree with him on that, but in some terms I acutally do..
Puzzle Productions / puzzleprod.com

2007-02-20 08:57

i think hiphop is dead for thous who never listen or new to it!
if somebody want's to check hiphop out and what's it all about, they turn on the radio or mtv... and that aint "hiphop"! that's the green machine, it brings money to hiphop. you cant se "pure hiphop" on mtv! and you dont suppose to!

hiphop is all over the world today, its big now. so if somebody likes hiphop in afganistan and doesnt understand english, it's not that fun for him to listen to a underground song with words he never heard of. so for him its better to listen to mtv rap. easy to understand. and when he learns more about hiphop, he will search for more "underground" hiphop.

but for us who listen to hiphop, for us it aint dead! we are updated, we now wich artist can give me what im looking for!
if i want to listen to "underground" i know were to search, if i want bangers i know were to search etc.

that's some of the stuff i have to say about hiphop is dead...

correct me if im wrong.

¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ www.myspace.com/vradii¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

2007-02-20 08:58


PeBee P22

yes it is, hometown, V-town haha

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2007-02-20 09:15
Good shit yall... Interesting points indeed.. Im just trying to show the masses that real MC's are still able to wreck shit... and that real fans still support... thanx for checking me out...


2007-02-20 09:27


Hey, I remember when you and Bucc came and did a gig back in the days with, umm, The Lockdown Sessions? We had a nice long chat about this and that and it's nice seeing you realizing shit and stepping up the game, heard your latest stuff and it's nice, keep strugglin,


2007-02-20 09:36
Yes indeed.. I remember that... it was 2004, I have been to stockholm 6 times now and am coming back in april to link up w/ Bucc again..... I love the city to death, beats anything ive seen in the states by a long shot... but daaaaaamn, its always cold as fuck and I told myself I was gonna wait til it gets warm or warmer than before... I was there last march and damn near froze my ass off, plus I always get sick and they never have any medicine stronger than Ibuprofen... hahahaha... But yeah...this time around.. Im coming to get my fans back and make some noise.. I plan on staying 2 months... so look out for ya boy...


2007-02-20 11:19
det va väl sån här musik som dödade hiphopen?

no offence, but this is not hiphop for me. All "hiphop" sounds the same today.

but hey, ceep on doin your music, I bet most people want to bang this at the club
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2007-02-20 11:43
dirtyfist --> Låten du menar heter All IKnow Rmx .

Du kan ladda ner den här --> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=G05Q3E4U

Kolla in mer låtar med V Zilla på min myspace ...


Pz !

2007-02-20 11:56
Tack som fan, vad jag har letat efter den här!

2007-02-20 23:35
yoni... ummm.. actually, you failed to hear the words in the track, this is far from a club track, it doesn't sound like dirty south, no bounce.... no walk it out, no chicken noodle soup, no fergie, no 120 BPM, nada....

So whats not Hip Hop about it ?

Just curious to know what ur tastes are in the music... Cause if anything, this track sounds more 95' than 2007.....



2007-02-20 23:46
det där var ganska korkat!
(translation: that was kinda stupid!)
HEY! File sharing is a crime and I'm not going to be anally raped just so you can listen to Usher!

2007-02-21 11:45
VG_Skillz P29

I talking about the beats now. take it easy, zilla. I know that you know what your in to and so on, I just say what feelings I get when I listen to this.

creatediggin, thats hiphop. drumbreaks, soul/funk sampls, no perfection you know. I like that "real" sound, when you can't here the digitalsounds.
sorry bout the english

SegiRoten P16

nej det va de inte. sa vad jag tyckte bara, men det kanske man inte fick göra
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2007-02-21 12:12
men det var fortfarande korkat sagt!!
klart du får säga vad du tycker men det var ändå korkat sagt eftersom det är såå långt ifrån clubbangers att det är helt toookigt!

HEY! File sharing is a crime and I'm not going to be anally raped just so you can listen to Usher!

2007-02-21 12:16
haha, din stolle! försök att inte vara så trångsynt. läs allt jag skrev så förstår du. det jag syftade mest på va att det låter som alla annan hiphop idag. och beatmässigt så är det väl klubbigt/poppigt enligt mig, men jag är inte så insatt i det så du vet kanske bättre. vill du fortsätta dissktura så ta det i GB isf istälelt för att förstöra Zillas tråd
Denna användare har skrivit alla inlägg där användaren har tagits bort från whoa.

2007-02-21 13:42

tjiiit vad alla skriver dålig engleska i denna tråden hahaha


2007-02-22 00:55
I respect that... and wasn't trying to sound bitter... I hear u on the cratediggin, breaks, .... Hip Hop Junkies... its a lost art... alot of real producers still dig and create nastyness each time out the gate... so yeah... thats real shit.... just rare to get beats like that all the time....



2007-02-22 02:51

VG Skillz I had a track from u long time ago which I loved, but the track got deleted when I had to formate the peace of shit comp. And I havent found it ever since then. So long time ago I heard it so I forgot the title to it to. But u were rapping about a girl who fell in love with some hustler, who made her an crack addict and fucked her life up...

Is there anyway I can get hold of that track?

"I gonna slash and gash, cut another hole in your ass<br>spill blood on the walls and play tennis with your balls<br>If the phone rings, don't answear the call<br>Im a slit your throat, fuck you like a ghost<br>cut your foreskin off and make a winnercoat.......PEACE"

Spöket i Scary Movie

2007-02-22 08:09
VG_Skillz P29

Denna användare har skrivit alla inlägg där användaren har tagits bort från whoa.

2007-02-22 22:11
"I know loving me aint easy, probably the hardest thing that you ever, had to do, still it had to be me and you ...".

I love that track to death. I had it on one of those sample cd's, it was labeled bangers somethin somethin, and played it until the cd went blank... haha. And it wasn't even the entire track, it was cut off at about halfway thru. Beat was tight, delivery was tight, it was solid. Tried looking for the lockdown session but  failed to find it.    

Keep up!
Denna användare har skrivit alla inlägg där användaren har tagits bort från whoa.

2007-02-25 22:05
Ah thight track u got there ... cant wait too here the new mixtape ..