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[Audio] JT - King

Vår Hiphop - Audio & Video


2010-11-07 18:14

[Audio] JT - King


I'm a ruler - give me my percent of the game,
Amarula tree, why won't the leaves blow my way?
and I'm here to stay, atleast that's how I feel,
if I turn out lame - fall over me like Shaquille,
what's the deal with this fakeass rappers,
do they really think loverap gon' make cash happen?
maybe they'll get some tapping, but it aint a weapon,
in this game called hiphop where I am the captain,
people can say I'm overrated, but then it's hatred that make it,
cause when I got a mic in my hand, the shit is debated,
don't mind being hated while you get masturbated,
I fly away with your myspace - you know I'm the master you hated,
I think it's faith cuz, how the fuck else could I be on the line with the maker,
so speeded up that I don't got time to wake ya, I'll blow a smokecloud so big you will think it's Jamaica!

I don't know if I should tell you this,
but I think I'm the new king, fuck Elvis,
making the music and getting my kicks,
producing the tracks so my boys get their fix,

and Imma slay rap - honestly,
now it's payback, for way back, it's comedy,
with a happy ending, you'll never break my stride,
I may be cocky over beats but I never run and hide,
when rappers meet me they thinks it's loosingtime,
whose that fine rapper, I aint choosing sides,
I'm on a soloroad, not the one that hobos go,
you may underestimate me before my flow goes blow,
yeah, I'm sick with my pencil,
but I have come to aknowledge that it won't pay my rent so,
I rob rappers in battles for their pride and person,
is this a battle or playground, you're whining worst than,
the worlds biggest whining bitch,
when I look at your crew I only see Lilo and Stitch,
but I'm minding my own biz, frankly I dont give a piss,
but if you say something stupid, your whole life flash by in flicks,

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2010-11-10 15:04

2010-11-10 16:35
skönt flow skönt beat, tycker beatet blir för monotomt dock, va nått jag störde mig på iallafall (den inledande biten som går rakt igenom låten till mestadels).
En bit av allt och inget

2010-11-11 20:45
Tack man :) förstår din kritik. Inte är det lätt i denna freebeatsdjungel :)

2010-11-12 15:04
Riktigt grym text! töng
Denna användare har skrivit alla inlägg där användaren har tagits bort från whoa.

2010-11-12 22:18

2010-11-13 19:16
Tackar grabbar!

2010-11-15 16:05
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