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[Audio] Entertainment - Stick 'em up

Vår Hiphop - Audio & Video


2012-10-11 11:27

[Audio] Entertainment - Stick 'em up

Hade tråkigt. Typ.

I'm the boss in this bitch, better lock in your kids
And open the goddamn door, before I'm knocking it in
Mothafucka, my eyes are flashing with rage
So gimme that dough, bitch or I'll be back in a day
with a baseballbat and a beige top-hat
monocle in my eye, asking where your chainsaw's at
I'm just asking politely
to give me your cash or I'll start bashing your nice things
I'm no asshole, I'm a gentleman
Thing is, I'm broke and you are wealthier
So if you please just do as I say
We can maybe have a coffee and a movie some day
I'll be buying you dinner, and some fancy flowers
I'll take care of you as you desire
But that can't happen if I don't do this first
So give me your fucking money, you rich girl
Thanks a lot, you go ahead and have a nice day
And by the way, are you free this friday?


2012-10-23 00:37
Inga? Aja.

2012-10-23 09:01
Haha älskar ditt uttal!

Du som gjort beatet? Isåfall undrar jag varför jag o kalle inte fick det! Haha.

Texten är najs, du flowar fett också!
"Being an Independent artist is like being an ugly dude with a huge dick... If I could just get these bitches to look, they'd be hooked!" - Dirtbag

2012-10-23 12:55
Nä det var ba nå shadowville jidder jag snodde. :p