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[Audio] RazzleN - Goes To Heaven (Test)

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2013-07-31 16:13

[Audio] RazzleN - Goes To Heaven (Test)

Tja, spelade in en liten test på engelska som snart blir en färdig låt.. Säg gärna vad ni tycker, förutom om uttalet som jag vet är väldigt dåligt, men håller på att bättra det..¨


Breathing air through my lungs despite the respirator
Tries to make it worth my time in every fucking flavor
I'm left behind with shitty answers, bad as the cancer
Spina bifida since my birth & that's the saddest habit
(Hehe) I'm laughing at the baddest it's sad and tragic
Sure it seems I'm happy but I created words in plastic
You'll see me last it when I'm done with all the magic
Too the population off this planet; everything is static
& everything is accepted not everything but madness
Everyday I try to rap like acid, hard without an accent
I wish I was from America but I don't have that added
in my identity I laugh at it cause Sweden is no badass.
Looks like my ship has landed right into my basement
Maybe I will tie my laces, be myself and strive for aces
Live my life and be so pleasant with the peoples faces
Or I'll be stuck forever untill I die and goes to heaven!

Do yourself a favor tie your laces be yourself and strive for aces.