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Trend vs Zanka_man

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2006-01-18 19:06

Trend vs Zanka_man


Ey man,do you think i care? if you where a man with black hair//
if you really is a foreigner so say "i swear"//
ya try to been cool on the streets//
sorry man,If you are a raper you shuld make your own beats//
Trend,you now whats happen when you battle me//
but let se,whose the best Mc,if you really worth to win this beef//
couse what goes around comes around,ya clown//
come to my town,and get shut the fucked down//


you just don't know who ya fuckin' wit
so Its useless to keep raping' bitch
before I use a crime case
Boom, bomm Ill leave you layin' on ya face
I tattoe Zanka man name on my arm
cross it out just another boy that I X-ed out
and you won't see R.I.P.
you ll see S.F.R
so dont push your luck before I shoot you
wit a smith and wesson
Ill suggest you to take a Hip hop lesson

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