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Lil rob vs ZorzeZ

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2007-02-22 11:52

Lil rob vs ZorzeZ

Lil rob:
get your stuffs and get away from here/
but you are so big that u cant dissapear/
im beein fucking tired of u playing WoW/
n when im done with this u say "oh no i have to go"
bcuz u cant write rap lyrics, im feelin sorry fo u/
come back and beef with me, when u´re skilled like cheew/

who´s a fucking fagget, i know u say it/
u talk about urself, but i aint complainin/
i know what to give u for b-day present/
an selfmade milf-doll so it wont happen an accident/
stop talkin 'bout fucking my mom around/
or ill make that accident come true, u moron/

stop lyin, and tell me the truth/
open ur eyes, am i a nigga, HA fuck you/
u aint my daddy, but yes you are ugly/
i hate ur rhymes, but i love to spit on u badly/ (lägger av värsta feta snorlobban)
you should join the clan named "Clan of Whack Mc´s"/
because nothing of what ur typing is reality/

lil-rob is a fucking fagget//

i´m to fast he can´t handle it//

i just say fuck you and your mum//

when i come to you , you will run//

cause i hit harder then this fuckhead//

i fuck his mum and she turns all red//

don´t remenber what the fuck you said//

your a nigger and i´m joining the kkk//

bucuse i am your new dad ugly//

i love to fuck your mum i promes, really//

and you love the shit that i´m spitting//

watch your toung dude, so i wont slipping//

your girl pauline is´nt that hot//

she´s ugly and so fucking fat//

your teeth damn boy what´s going on?//

so fucking ugly, and you love all my songs//

you are my groupie and you know it//

cause your slurpie and can¨t flow this//

Först till 7. Peace