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2007-08-22 21:59

Lil KK vs adde-G

Lil KK
afro P is this a joke,hes so dum he swallowed coke  n chocked//
while i was chillin takin a smoke the bitch ass faggot got his asshole poked//
afro p ,siriously you know im a G but im startin to wonder are you a he or a she?//
but hey,it doesnt really matter it wont keep your asshole from gettin splattered
and your face shattered, in to peices after im done your will be hole new species
cause this is Lil KK doin it live today, bitches actin cocky u know its time to play
with some bitch ass gay, theyre thinkin there dope but u know there is no hope
for a bitch ass fucko like afro p, a whitey with a fro smaller than a shaved natzi
compare you n me, then u would be a 5 year old she , me would be a L.O.C poppin cocky g´s


Your family aint nothing but white trash//
and your dad arranged the twin tower planekrasch//
You really think your gangsta material?//
Your as soft as my breakfast cerial//
I hope you do the same thing as Curt Cobain//
Buy cocaine,Go insane and blow your brain//
I'm a certain deal,people say I wont succeed//
But people buy my records as potheads buy weed//
yesterday you send me some pictures in an e-mail//
Those pictures confirmed my fear,your a She-male//

obestämda rader typ:P vota först till 7 :)

did u know ur moma has a deep throat ?