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Shadow VS Rorikock 8 bars eng

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2007-11-05 18:20

Shadow VS Rorikock 8 bars eng


Rorikocks the next dude on my list.. how rude will I spit/ when Im through with you you wont even be in mood to exist/youre like the fluid I piss - i dont give a fuck about you/im stuck in this battle but ima fight it out too/..no harsh feelings, this is just a game for me/playin with wack motherfuckas is the way to be/pullin metaphores outta my mind, jabbin them into your spine/grabbin a ten and shootin out a thousand rhymes at a time/


shadow? A cracker like you is gon fight me out?/Whats you rhymes about? A hoe could write better without doubt/Shootin out rhymes? I only see you-too, me-be/U call that rhymin? Maaayyyn I feel like fightin/Ur an amateur, yo sis kicks better then you do/And yo mom gave birth to such a crazy fool/Uve got a monkeees ass and a donkeys face/Ur not gonna win so stop jumpin on yoo ass! “urk” I rest this case/

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