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TNS vs. Hallicsander 8bars engelska

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2007-11-08 12:29

TNS vs. Hallicsander 8bars engelska

TNS vs. Hallicsander 8 bars engelska först till 5

må bäste östgöte vinna ^^


eyo I hate to see your lines, but did you spare me, no
you got no rhymes, but the courage to call me terrible
you are wrong bitch, so don´t even mention my nameeyo man I own this, and you are just rentin´ this game
as always
, when we battle I end up as a winner offcourse
bcuz I´m flawless, but still you go up against me unforced
how can you call me bad when I can rhyme, flow, whatfuck it now, I´ll take you down, I´m hittin´ for the final put


blow it out, right in your face
then you shout its illigal to blaze
fuck you man your a stupid lil wiggah
crying when  i push you to pull tha triggah
cuz you cant stand my rhymes my flow my style
then you see some signs that im so fine
so 8bars man its easier then steal candy from a child
trying to be black but i know say to your self white pride

haha aja folket ni röstar :P peeyz

Folk öl o en liten bit av det bruna