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Daniel-blade vs. murderer - 10 rader (engelska).

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2008-02-21 21:17

Daniel-blade vs. murderer - 10 rader (engelska).

It's been a little while since I battled a child
No real competition like the special olympics
So how can you possibly hope to win?
When you're two-faced like somebody broke ya chin
I could win this shit, without sayin' a word
Cuz' you're the worst shit this audience has ever heard
These are the last two bars I'll waste
In the next two I'll just say how much I hate ya face
Your fate is graced, your brains misplaced, a nameless taste
the heinous blade just dumped his a-game in ya face...


So is battletime?
I´m facing whoa`s biggest clown
and if you dont zip it, we´r gonna have some problems
and guess what bitch? you cant solve them
so listen now my friend
if you ever diss me again
it will be the end
of your pathetic little life
I will kidnapp your family, and begin to slice
and then I´m gonna rape your retarded wife

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