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BATTLE - WorldClass vs ?

Vår Hiphop - Battle & Cypher


2012-08-06 15:42

BATTLE - WorldClass vs ?

Vem vill battla mig?
Engelska endast.
Max 16 bars.

Go go go..

check the context of my quest
im about to get shit rollin like vets
in wheelchair's after war effects
infectious like AIDS i kill in beds
like Freddy Kruger my text has sharpness
im as complex as Steven hawkin havin sex
i confess my lyrics are lethal as cigarettes
causin chooke'd emcees goin on med's
wreckless my words chase u down like the Fed's
your lines has already ben said , as hoe's always givin heads
my tech's perplex, leave u wondering Whitch will come next
im doin a vortex and pass the fleet test
with flows that so current so u need a life-vest
my rhymes more heavily armed then fortress
while your looks more like a bird-nest!