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Do YOU know: Female mc's from Finland, Norway and

Vår Hiphop - Emceeing


2004-10-02 14:45

Do YOU know: Female mc's from Finland, Norway and

France, Spain, Italy, Germany and any other part of Europe AND the world!

I need to get in contact with female mc's, producers, dj's and female hip hop distrubuters etc.
They need to be active in english (the rappers of course) and semi-experienced. So dont put up a suggestion like "yeah my girl is mad tight on the mic. that might be but i need to work with somewhat established artists-and its up to me weather they are qualified or not so i appreciate ppl leaving out comments like "yeah i know a girl but she wack as fuck". They may also very well be major label artists dont matter.
Just a link to a audio/webpage would be VERY appreciated!

You dont have to know them well just ANY sugesstion, hint or link would be really nice. It is for a project i am to release next summer.


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