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16 skojbars (engelska)

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2005-08-02 04:04

16 skojbars (engelska)

I got no people in mind, i bounce and rhyme, im the end of human kind /
Im the new generation of thugs and bloods, a fullblooded hiphopper, not wanting to be a nigga, fuck you studs fo' i pull ma trigga /
Ill take your ugly ass down to earth, and rape you twice, you fuck with the wrong people, this aint miami vice, your a little cunt, ill go down like Chuckey, cut your white ass up, in to one slice /
Im this generations jack ripper, ive got a secret for you, i fucked your mom, she was my stripper, she wasnt a good kisser, ill think somebody gotta teach her, or do it my style, just whip her /
You got no friends you got no life, you against me, huh, its a matter of size, your ugly boy, like obi1 trice / Fuck you stop asking me for moore, ill cut you upp and send you on a busstour /
I go out with this lyrics with one person in face, im not gonna mention this name, your lucky, this time your safe /
This is soon the end, for 500dollars, ill be your friend, I know you had sex with your mom last night, dont lie, with this spoken words, i say good bye!

heheh bara litte skojj skrev på en kvart säg va ni tycker :P /reese

Jag är den nya Don Juan