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T.S. Curse - Neurology

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2006-11-05 15:32

T.S. Curse - Neurology

these hands have been through deviously much \\
from a knotted fist to a liciously healing touch \\
and it's time for me to spit out some alleges \\
you see, I kill faster than razors cut them fuckin' edges \\
and I swear more honest than a warrior pledges \\
Curse is spokesman of truth and I respect thee \\
unless you mess around or if you fuck with me \\
I don't need CD's or emcee's, sit on your knee \\
if you want, you can suck my cock for free \\
you'll never achieve reaching Curse's degree \\
I'll spit out my name to you until you agree \\
this is fuckin' Curse, newbie, do I have to plea? \\
make a mistake, and watch my gun marking ya \\
watch the bullet sparkle through your skull, glocking ya \\
you'll be a memory, color on a paper, you'll be a printer
after it busted through your skull, like a sharp, pointed splinter \\
listen and learn, this is my way of doing neurology \\
'cuz when I'm done your nerves will be mythology \\
this is Curse technology  \\


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