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Racapp - Shittin out rhymes

Vår Hiphop - Lyricism


2007-02-23 08:19

Racapp - Shittin out rhymes

Yes.. jag var uttråkad, till er som whinar på flow bara för de ser ut som om de e långa rader fast egentligen inte har en aning om vad flow är, slå på beatet Xzibit - Concentrate och kicka detta

Despite the fact i like your ass, your still a fucking psychopath
no rights to laugh i bite and snatch like a fucking tyson match
i write a path to rhyme and rap with the fucking mic i have
So wipe your ass with a knife and scratch and get some fucking nitro gas
I like the fact my title has, im the fucking lazer man
ima a patient champ with a razor axe and a fuckin jason mask
i break ya track and make the stats, like a fucking lakers match
got paper stacks and its raising fast if ur fucking neighbour asks
if ur mistaking that its craziness i'll slice ur fucking face in half
im tasting plat, cuz i grace myself with stuff that fucking angels has
cant change my past and make the class, already fucking asians and
i make it snap, with a crazy clap, so it fucking breaks the glass
gimme bacon, ham, papers and, bring it witha ambulance
got talents, fans, habbits thats falling like a avalanche
this is practice crap just acting wack like a marshall mathers track
so sample that and help ya self, now you know how alex rap

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